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High Income SkillsMarketing
Christopher KaiChristopher Kai

Investing in Minorities, Venture Capital Strategy and How to Profit from Your Brand EPISODE 001 Courtesy encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com Christopher Kai is the world’s leading authority in story-based leadership. He is the founder & CEO of The... Read More

Mark JoynerMark Joyner

In this podcast, he shares his early experiences with having an online business, when he faced challenges that people now take for granted. Back then, he had reached out to authors to publish some of... Read More

Zach SmithZach Smith

He is the co founder of Funded Today, a full service marketing agency that has helped raise over 240 million dollars for crowdfunding campaigns. His company is known as “the guys who come in and... Read More

Kate DelaneyKate Delaney

America’s Number One Female Sports Commentator Kate Delaney: America’s Number One Female Sports Commentator Kate Delaney is America’s number one female sports commentator, talk show host, and leader in the world of sports broadcasting. Her... Read More

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