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Episode 464

Growing Personal Fulfillment

Ryan Gill

Seeing A Future Where Success Is How Much You Give – With Ryan Gill, co-founder of Cult Collective

Ryan Gill is one of Canada’s most forward thinking entrepreneurs, a digital marketer, and two time author. He’s the co-founder of Cult Collective and chairman of The Gathering, an annual conference known for its amazing speakers and content.

Ryan’s first company, Suitcase Interactive, was a consistent best-digital-agency award winner. His success continued with Cult, one of North America’s first true engagement agencies. In 2012, he founded The Gathering, one of North America’s premier annual marketing conferences. These conferences introduced Cult to brands like Keurig, Converse, Airbnb, UFC and Red Bull.

All of these successes began because of Ryan’s dream to buy a hockey team. He has many lessons to share from his firsthand experience in marketing, from the importance of finding a mentor, to not letting your ego get in the way of business, to the importance of having more than one main client.

His latest project is Communo, a platform for marketing professionals, and an unprecedented business development engine. It’s an innovation of a whole new operating model for marketers.

Ryan spearheads Cult’s ongoing monthly commitment to Ronald McDonald House, and continues to lead the international relief organization Project Smile. He has managed to find time to co-author three editions of Fix: Breaking The Addiction That’s Killing Brands, Cult’s thought leadership book that’s changing the way CEOs and CMOs see the marketing function.



Show notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How a promise to buy a hockey team motivated Ryan to start his first business.
  • How Ryan built three businesses: Cult Collective and Communo.
  • Key lessons, such as ego getting in the way and making mistakes.
  • Why “one” is the worst number in business.
  • How you need to convince your employees to buy your product before the world will.
  • How to succeed at playing the long game and get your following to come to you.
  • Tough advice, such as finding a mentor and the reality of building and flipping a business.

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