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Dan Lok Show
How can high-income skills improve your life? Let’s start by defining what high-income skills are.  It’s a skill that can make you a minimum of $10,000 a month or $120,000 a year. It’s a skill set that you developed that can deliver value to the marketplace. With a high-income skill, you are still trading hours for dollars, but it’s high dollars. Also, it’s a high-income skill, not a job. If it’s a high-income job, then
Dan Lok Show
What should you invest in? Answering that is like recommending what car you should buy because it depends on what you want. What’s a good investment for me might not be a good investment for you. Instead, I will teach you a good example to follow by showing you how rich people invest their money. Invest In Something You Understand Tip number one, rich people invest in something we understand. For example, Warren Buffett and
Dan Lok Show
What is the secret weapon for getting rich? Is it reading thousands of books or attending thousands of trainings and workshops? In my case, I can tell you without a doubt that the secret to my success is my two mentors. You’re probably wondering: how did my mentors make me rich? As you’ve probably guessed, any mentor has absolutely no obligation to make you wealthy. That mentor is already where you want to be in
Dan Lok Show
What do you do when you encounter someone who is exploding with energy, the kind of person who starts and ends each work day with the same high level of enthusiasm? You probably give that person a Whats-Wrong-With-You look, or you wonder what was in that person’s drink or food. Someone that hyped up can’t be normal. Society just doesn’t accept people that can bounce off walls, even on bad days. Something is wrong with
Dan Lok Show
Sandra is an award-winning entrepreneur and is recognized by the International Alliance for Women as one of the world’s 100 Top Difference Makers and by CNN as an American Hero. The eWomenNetwork Foundation she created has, to date, awarded cash grants to 115 non-profit organizations and scholarships to 167 emerging female leaders of tomorrow. In this podcast, she shares her views on the importance of having a mentor to be successful in business, why entrepreneurs
Dan Lok Show Why College Degrees Are Not Always The Answer
Is it possible to make a six or seven figure income as a coach or consultant without a college degree or credentials? Here’s the truth: the only person who actually cares about your credentials is you. Two positioning secrets will get you that high income you desire, regardless of your education. The first secret is internal positioning. Secret #1: Your Mindset Or Internal Positioning Another name for internal positioning is mindset or self esteem. What’s
Dan Lok Show
Matt Barrie is an award winning technology entrepreneur. He is Chief Executive of Freelancer.com, the world’s largest freelancing marketplace connecting over 30 million professionals globally, which has been awarded by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences eleven Webby Awards, the “Internet’s highest honour”. In this episode, Matt talks about how he started Freelancer after buying and combining 13 mini sites. He gained some valuable insights on how and who to hire for a
Dan Lok Show
If you want to be successful in business, then you must set aside alone time. Two times a year, Bill Gates spends time all by himself for a week in the forest. No cellphone, no computer. He just totally disconnects from the outside modern world and calls that the think week. Now, why do successful people spend time by themselves? You see, very often, we are so close to our issues that we don’t take
How to Sell Millions Without Ever Opening Your Mouth! Pt 3.
  Is it possible to sell millions without ever opening your mouth? It is if you’re a strong copywriter. I’ve already shared with you some tips on how to sell with the written word. In the last episode, I talked about using emotions and cliffhangers to keep your customers hooked on reading more about your offer. Next, let’s look at the last three steps, beginning with what I call preemptive credibility. Most people nowadays are
Dan Lok Show Copywriting - Pt 2.
    Is it possible to sell millions of dollars without ever opening your mouth? You can if you use the written word to create a compelling offer. It’s step two of my copywriting secrets, which I started to explain in the previous episode. In step three, you tell your customer what will happen if they buy your product. Listing Features and Benefits In this step , you list every single feature and benefit about


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