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Discover how to “Unlock” your greatest success in business and in life each week as bestselling author and internationally renown business mentor Dan Lok shares his inspiring insights, interviews the world’s most brilliant business minds, including influential celebrities, to inspire you to develop high income skills, create financial momentum, and unshakable confidence and help you to unlock your higher self.

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DLS 7 | How To Close A Sale
  Have you ever had the experience where you try your very best to sell your products and services and you explained the whole thing and it seems to make perfect sense to a prospect, but yet at the end they don’t buy and you wonder what’s going on? If you’ve ever been rejected in a sales situation but never knew why, this will give you the answer you’re looking for. Dan reveals how to
DLS 6 | Sales Techniques
  Convincing more of your customers to buy more from you more often doesn’t have to do with your script. It doesn’t have to do with how good of a closer or salesperson you are. What does it have to do with? Dan reveals one of his sales techniques and shares how you can convince a customer to buy from you. — Listen to the podcast here: Sales Techniques – How To Convince A Customer
DLS 5 | How To Read Anyone
  How do you read anyone? Reading anyone is important in both business and in your personal life. It is the ability to read people’s influence and understand how they’re thinking. Dan and his Executive Director, Desmond Soon, reveal how to read anyone. — Listen to the podcast here: How To Read Anyone with Desmond Soon How do you read anyone any time? One of the most valuable skill set you can master in life
DLS 4 | Closing Sales
  The art of closing sales is simple, but how do you master the art of closing sales? In any sales conversation, there are three things that you can get out of it – a yes, a no, and a lesson. Find out more as Dan dives into these three things. — Listen to the podcast here: The Art Of Closing Sales How do you master the art of closing sales? In any sales conversation,
DLS 3 | Retire Young
  We all want to retire young so we can pursue our life dreams. Dan retired at the age of 27. He had worked so hard for many years to retire, and he finally did. So how was Dan able to retire at the young age of 27? — Listen to the podcast here: I Retired Rich At Age 27… And This Is How I Did It I want to share with you exactly how
DLS 2 | Things Poor People Do
  Poor people sometimes need to take refuge in certain things and habits to cope with everyday struggles. However, these very habits may be what’s keeping them from the success that they seek. What are seven things poor people do that the rich don’t? Dan reveals some of the beliefs and habits that could be keeping you poor. Find out what they are. — Listen to the podcast here: Things Poor People DO That The
DLS 1 | Sell Anything
  Imagine if you could sell anything, to anyone, anytime, anywhere. When it comes to selling, when it comes to closing, there are so many techniques and so many ways. Dan shares three powerful secrets that you can use to do exactly that. — Listen to the podcast here: How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime – SELL ME THIS PEN “Go ahead, sell me this pen.” I’m going to teach you how to sell


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