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From the Mailroom to Making Double Digit Returns as an Investor

You get what you give.

Harmel Rayat

The Principles of Marketing Success​ Harmel Rayat: From Investor To Commercial Real Estate Genius Chairman Of RenovaCare and of SolarWindow Technologies

You get what you give. Harmel Rayat is a rags to riches story of an investor who catapulted from the bottom of a brokerage firm to success in commercial real estate. He has an amazing range of talent: entrepreneur, investor, commercial realtor, as well as chairman to two publicly traded tech companies.

Armed with only a basic college entrepreneurship program, he began his career in the mailroom of a stock brokerage firm. Soon he was a stockbroker at the age of  21, but the title was more glamorous than reality.

Months before the market crashed and the Dow dropped 23% in a single day, and after being broke three times, Harmel took his own investment advice and moved on. Like his investment career, he entered real estate with no experience, no knowledge, and no contacts.

Hands on experience resulted in a lucrative commercial real estate career and a diversified portfolio ranging from commercial real estate ( to significant stakes in two publicly traded technology companies:

SolarWindow ( has a coating technology that turns ordinary windows into electricity-generating windows. RenovaCare ( has the SkinGun™ to spray a patient’s own skin cells onto burns and wounds.

Harmel has self-published two books, including Double-Digit Returns: In Good Markets and Bad. This latest book details how he generated annualized real estate returns of over 40 percent per year since 2006.

Show notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Harmel went from a business plan and no money to learning from a mentor he found in a magazine.
  • Why Harmel found the stockbroker life to be hypocritical and how many people lose money in the stock market.
  • Why it’s better to get into commercial versus residential real estate.
  • The advantage for lowering the rent of tenants.
  • What’s more important than location when dealing with real estate.
  • How Harmel built a real estate portfolio that transitioned him into other sectors.
  • How Harmel is helping to pioneer new technology, such as electricity generating windows and skin cell regeneration.

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