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Dan Lok: Welcome to another episode of Dan Lok show. Today we are in actually New York City, and I’m with John Henry. Now John not only is an entrepreneur, but also a real estate investor as well as owns a venture capital company.

John Henry: That’s right.

Dan Lok: Now before we even talk about John’s story, I want to talk a little bit about this space.

John Henry: Let’s talk about it.

Dan Lok: Let’s talk about this space. Like what makes this space, co-working space, so special?

John Henry: First things first, thank you for having me on.

Dan Lok: Welcome man, welcome.

John Henry: Appreciate you. And look, what makes this space special is this is the proof right here. Like you’re on a one day trip, you came, you interviewed with Faiza, this content, that content lined up. We connected and it’s central in the city, a lotta energy here, there’s six floors.

Dan Lok: You can feel the entrepreneurial spirit.

John Henry: That’s right.

Dan Lok: The minute you walk in you can feel the hustling.

John Henry: That’s right, and there’s a lot at WeWork’s, obviously, and this is … this, though, is billed as like the OG space, and there are a lot of veteran New York entrepreneurs here. There are several accelerators and several funds and stuff, and so yeah, I’m fortunate to be part of this community.
So we’re in Alley right now. Yeah, and that’s where we find ourselves.

Dan Lok: That’s awesome.

John Henry: Welcome to New York, man.

Dan Lok: Thank you, I love New York. The cold, it takes a couple of days to get used to. The minute I arrived, the airport, like wow! This is cold. I know New York, it’s cold. But this is cold!

John Henry: This is very cold.

Dan Lok: This is very cold. So John, take us back. How did you get into entrepreneurship?