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Jack Whatley, Founder and CEO of The Transportation Guys

Jack Whatley

Jack Whatley, Founder and CEO of The Transportation Guys

Jack Whatley, Founder and CEO of The Transportation Guys

a recruiting firm serving the trucking industry – developed a revolutionary Human Code DNA of Hiring System which instantly reduced a company’s expenses, while providing highly qualified applicants.

Together with Jack’s partner, daughter and innovation wizard Anika Whatley, they have been perfecting the Human Code DNA system. The system uses the latest technology to automate, target and streamline recruitment efforts.

Jack has become a talent acquisition expert, now at work extending his Human Code DNA of Hiring System into other industries who are entering a new economy characterized by a labor shortage.

In this podcast, we learn how Jack’s desire to pursue his dream led him from being an employee to starting his first business, to becoming an expert on recruiting the right people at a time when workers are looking for more than a paycheque.

If companies want to attract the right talent, they need to learn to communicate in the language of their potential hires by understanding what they really want, and implement a process for training new hires to fit in with the company culture.

Jack’s novel approach to hiring top talent has made him one of the most sought after recruiting and efficiency consultants in the world. Jack lives in Sacramento in a Queen Ann revival he restored himself. His latest book, The Human Code, is a guide for businesses that want to stay ahead of their competition.


Show notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Jack went from employee to business owner, and then hero to zero.
  • The advice from Jack’s father that enabled him to transfer skills from company to company.
  • How the job market is unable to speak the language of millennials.
  • How Jack’s book The Human Code talks about how to attract and reel employees in.
  • A simple method for communicating with the people you want to hire.
  • How to filter potential hires who do or don’t have the talent you want.
  • Jack’s process for recruiting new talent and hiring the right people from the start.

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