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8-Figure Business

Chris Lee

Chris Lee is an 8-figure business owner, entrepreneur, mentor and coach. He built an 8 figure solar company generating over $25 million in sales in just 12 short months by using Clickfunnels and Facebook marketing. His massive results earned him his 2 Comma Club and 2 Comma Club X Awards.

At 34-years old, Chris is considered one of the brightest minds in home-service marketing. He has grown and sold off several home-service companies in the automation, pest control, alarm, and solar industries. His two most recent start-ups have both grown to 8-figures within their first 10 months of business.

In this podcast, he talks about his humble beginnings, when his first business was one misfortune after the other. Later, he discovered “the reason door knocking works” and why he can now charge premium prices using education marketing .

As his success grew, he branded himself as “the solar guy” and the “Quarterback of Life.” It’s his unique brand, and his wish, to be known by these nicknames.

As the quarterback, or QB, he coaches business owners on digital marketing and business development. He claims that not a single person has worked with him and not received the results they were looking for.

Chris is very much a family man. When he wasn’t yet a teenager, he already had a ring for his future wife. He is husband to his high school sweetheart, Andrea, and father to five children.

Show notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Chris already had saved up for his wife’s ring at the age of 12.
  • Lessons learned from a failed security company.
  • Advice for solopreneurs scaling to eight figures and beyond.
  • How he built his brand as the quarterback and the solar guy.
  • The difference between inquiry-based and educational marketing.
  • The next billion dollar milestone for Chris.
  • His advice for struggling entrepreneurs.

Resources Mentioned

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