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Is it possible to sell millions of dollars without ever opening your mouth?

You can if you use the written word to create a compelling offer. It’s step two of my copywriting secrets, which I started to explain in the previous episode. In step three, you tell your customer what will happen if they buy your product.

Listing Features and Benefits

In this step , you list every single feature and benefit about your product or service. For most copywriters and business owners, your list will be very short because you’re too close to your offer. You’ll miss things.

For example, if you sell computers, you might forget that a keyboard is a feature. Now, before you start your list of every feature and benefit, make sure you don’t confuse the two. A feature is what something is. A benefit is what something does. Doing the following exercise will help.

First, you want to create a long list of features. Then you ask yourself the question, “So what?” For example, this computer is very fast. So when you play computer games, it’s so much faster. Turn each feature into a benefits driven statement, bullet points, or headline.

That’s why you want a very long list of benefits to work from. If you have hundreds of points, then you have hundreds of angles to work from. Even for something as simple as a T-shirt, you have different angles, starting with how it keeps you warm.

Target The Benefit Behind the Benefit

You can target certain angles. Let’s go back to the computer example. If I’m a PC gamer, one angle is to talk about the fast processor. Another is the backlit LED keyboard to help reduce electricity use at night.

Keep in mind that what’s important to one customer may not be important to another, so you have to list all of the angles out. By going through this exercise, you already have a deeper understanding of the offer because what you thought you were selling may turn out to be something else.

Another copywriting tip is after you have the feature and benefit, you also look for the benefit behind the benefit. You’re going deeper to find the emotion that you can trigger when you buy the offer. Click To Tweet

For example, a marketer called Ted Nicholas told people that a stack of paper could help incorporate a company. People wondered how it was possible to incorporate a company with stacks of paper. Well, the stack of paper is the feature. It’s legal documents for incorporating the company by yourself to save money. The ad worked okay, but became more successful with some more tweaking.

He fixed the ad by talking more about the benefit behind the benefit. People incorporate because of taxes, so he changed the ad headline to The Ultimate Tax Shelter and sold millions and millions of dollars.

So think not only about what you’re selling but also what you’re actually selling. Understanding this will help you with the last copywriting step.

Write multiple, attention-grabbing headlines to sell your offer. You want to write many headlines because some sell better than others. There are so many formulas, like the “How to” and the discovery types that start with “The secrets of”. If you’re stuck for ideas, go to the best source of headlines.

Grab Attention With Emotions

Magazines like Cosmopolitan and National Inquirer have some of the best headlines in the world. They grab your attention with headings like “17 Sex Secrets That You Don’t Know.” Every year it’s the same recycled headlines because they work.

These headlines have to be very compelling and benefit driven. Sometimes, you use curiosity, sometimes a power punch or a huge discount. You can also use credibility with an endorsement from a celebrity.

Here’s an example of a successful headline:  If you’ve ever wished you can live on a Caribbean island, don’t let envious naysayers stop you. With our help, you can successfully escape freezing winters, crime, pollution, oil crises and mega stress. Whether you’re looking for a retirement haven, vacation home, land, or business….

The beauty behind this headline is how they sell the benefit behind the benefit. They aren’t just selling a vacation home. They’re selling emotional needs. But that isn’t all.

The purpose of a headline isn’t just to make the sale. The purpose is to get people to read the first paragraph. Also, there is a powerful technique here. People hate cliffhangers. They want closure. They want to know what’s happening next with the vacation home, and this headline leaves you hanging with the “…..”

It’s like pausing a TV drama right before the ending, and then you see the “To be continued” message and you have to tune in next week.

That’s how you keep your customers reading. Use powerful, emotional words in your copy.