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Do you know what’s holding people back more than the fear of failure?

It’s the fear of success. The fear of the unknown. So how can you overcome the fear of success?

Recognize The Symptoms Of Fearing Success

First, you need to recognize the symptoms. Imagine making some money and experiencing some success, but your income goes on a roller coaster ride and then you lose all your money. You made a bad deal, or you made a bad investment.

Your self sabotage kicks in. You tell yourself that’s just the business cycle. People make money, people lose money. That’s just the way it is.

Another symptom is when your business is going well, marketing is going well, customers are coming in, then you stop running ads.

You stop because you’re not struggling. You tell yourself what you’re doing can’t be worthwhile because you always have to be struggling.

Or you’re always waiting for something to be perfect before you take action. But, just when things start to get better, you do something stupid to sabotage your success to ensure you fail.

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Because you fear the unknown.  You’re more comfortable struggling because that’s what you’ve been doing your whole life. You’re addicted to living paycheck to paycheck, addicted to your ups and downs and your stress. It’s how you get attention.

Overcome Your Fear Of Success

You don’t see the path that leads out of the hardship. Even if you’re about to lose your job and a friend offers to help with a job lead, you don’t take it.

You plan to fail the interview because of low self esteem. You don’t believe that life could be better.

So if you have these symptoms, and you’re afraid of success, ask yourself, “Is it the fear of failure that’s holding me back, or is it truly the fear of success?”

How can you overcome this fear?

The best way is to get comfortable with success. Believe that it’s possible. Dress for success. Wear a suit.

When you start seeing yourself in a different way and you have a different image of yourself, you feel better. You have a different identity.

Yes, you feel more confident in the suit, but it’s not really about the suit. It’s how you see yourself.  That’s a very powerful way to overcome your fear of success.