Dan Lok Show

Here’s a truth that nobody dares to talk about.

Have you tried to help someone who wants to change their life? They say they want to do better but when they meet some resistance, some hardship, they stop trying. So if you want to help them, what should you do?

Nothing. Your job is not to help those who want to change their lives but don’t do anything beyond talking about their goals. Here’s the real secret if you want to help someone with your coaching and consulting services.

If you want to help someone, help the ambitious, the already successful people who are moving onto the next level of success in their lives. That’s where the big money is today, and it’s the secret to closing high-priced coaching and… Click To Tweet

Sell Your Services To Players With Money

If you want to close high-priced services, sell to PWM, players with money. I get a lot of people looking for mentors, asking me if I will help them. But I’m not in the business of doing that.

I’m not in the business of turning losers into winners. Have you tried doing that? Turning losers into winners? It’s very difficult. I’m in the business of helping winners win more.

If you study everything I do, from my courses to my marketing, you’ll see it’s designed to attract the best and repel the rest. I’m not in the rescue business.

On the other hand, my free stuff, my Dan Lok Show podcast, my YouTube channel, all that stuff doesn’t take up my time. It’s an all you can eat smorgasbord for a specific audience. I’m giving back to the marketplace. But from a business point of view, that’s the not the segment I serve.

The Benefit To Closing High-Priced Coaching & Consulting Services

I serve the affluent or entrepreneurs. Even if they don’t have a ton of money, at least they are willing to invest in themselves. And this group is who I sell to. That’s the amazing part.

When you’re selling to players with money, your life is easier and they get results. Do you know why? They understand the process. They inspire you with your work and then you want to help them more. And they are committed because they understand the value. And there’s something deeper than that.

John is successful because of John, not because of Dan Lok. John is already successful, but now he’s going to learn that one strategy that will take him to the next level. He’s already successful because of his habits, his work ethic, his mindset, his beliefs. He’s already 90 percent there, and I just need to take him that final 10 percent.

When you work with someone starting at the 10 percent, you can get them inspired, and then their lower self, the self sabotage, takes over. Their negative associations with money gets them. Then you feel like you’re dragging them along. The key is in the client selection.

So don’t pour your heart out trying to rescue everyone. It’s a waste of your time. Focus on those who are already successful because it is much more rewarding.

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