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Fabio Marrama is a leading LinkedIn Marketing Strategist and Brand Builder. In the last year he built a community from 0 – 20,000 people and has generated over 7 million post and video views, making him one of the most influential voices on the platform.

He has been mentioned in top publications like Forbes, Social Media Examiner and TheSpec, he’s guest-appeared on multiple Top 100 Podcasts on iTunes and is endorsed by global influencers like Jay Shetty as a “Must-Follow” on LinkedIn.

In this podcast, Fabio shares his strategy for growing an engaged audience on LinkedIn. He sees a blue ocean opportunity to share content and scale connections using the platform community.

Fabio helps regular people go from ground zero to building a massive brand, generating targeted and qualified leads for their business and helping to establish recognizable industry authority all organically without the use of paid advertising. He has also tailored an online program to help entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants crush it on LinkedIn.  

Fabio has engaged in dozens of speaking engagements, empowering hundreds of students, young professionals and business leaders to take action and create impact through his core principle to “do more” and focus on creating value for others using social media.

I was seeing storytelling. I was seeing content. I'd never seen that on LinkedIn before. That's when I really made the stand of I see a lot of opportunity for this platform. Nobody is creating content. -Fabio Marrama Click To Tweet

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 1:45 Using school as a time to build relationships and find opportunities
  • 3:42 Finding an untapped way to build a community on LinkedIn
  • 5:20 How LinkedIn can scale your business
  • 11:03 How to reach your target audience
  • 12:15 How to make your LinkedIn profile more engaging
  • 17:09 How to create credibility on your profile
  • 24:33 When to begin a conversation to start talking sales
  • 32:15 The faster way to grow your business
  • 33:24 How video is now increasing in popularity on LinkedIn



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