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If you’re afraid to buy a $3000 watch or a $10,000 program, how can you sell your own $5 million dollar product?

The answer is you can’t. That’s because those who are afraid to buy are always afraid to sell.  So what can you do to sell high-ticket products and services?

Here’s the situation. You believe your program is a really great product. But you’ve never bought anything of that value yourself. You don’t even have a million in your bank account! So what’s the best way to change your own mindset?

Ask For Big Money With Confidence

The first way is to immerse yourself in an environment where luxury is common, to get yourself more comfortable. Let me give you two examples.

When I was getting started as a copywriter, I was charging $500 to begin with and then $1000, and then eventually $10,000 to create a marketing campaign for clients. My mentor was forcing me to increase my price.

He said, “You should double your price.” And then when I doubled the five grand, he said, “You should double your price again.” I told him I couldn’t charge ten grand. So he told me to “Practice in front of the mirror, quoting that ten grand, just getting comfortable.”

He wanted me to stop tripping over the price. If you were the client and you heard me stumble over the price, what would you think? So I had to practice saying the price like it wasn’t a big deal. My voice and my body language had to be confident. Then I worked on the second step.

Immerse Yourself In A High-Ticket Environment

I went to hang out at a five-star hotel. When I had no money, I would go there and just sit. Just sit there, and read or do my work to immerse myself in that kind of environment. And then eventually when I made a little bit more money, I ordered a cup of coffee. When I made a bit more money, I ordered a meal.

To get comfortable, you just need to immerse yourself in the lifestyle. Live in it… and read about it.

There’s a magazine out there called the Robb Report. To give you some context, the average net worth of the people who read Fortune magazine is $400,000. The average people who read Robb Report is $4 million. So read the magazine to expand your comfort zone.

What you think is a lot of money now won’t feel like a lot of money when you’re reading about selling a pen for $10,000, a chair for $100,000. They don’t sell a boat, they sell a yacht they can park a helicopter on. Click To Tweet

It changes your concept of how you view money. And when you see affluent clients spending that kind of money, it changes your mindset, so you can ask for big money with confidence.