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What if you could determine your financial future, right now, with just three decisions? Would it even be possible to decide something that important so easily?

Making important choices is never easy, especially if it will shape your life, starting from the first choice you need to make.

Decide Who You Will Learn From

Decision number one is, Who are you going to learn from and who do you hang around with? My martial arts instructor said something very profound to me when he shared:

“You know what? As a martial artist, Dan, what determines how good you are and how fast you progress as a martial artist is not just how many hours you put into your training and what style that you practice. What determines how good you’ll become is your sifu, your instructor, and who you learn from.”

What he was trying to tell me was that your choice of instructor will determine how good you are because as your coach, their skill gets transferred to you.

It’s the same in your financial life. When you learn from somebody, you become them. You take their advice and you will live their lifestyle.

Decide What You Really Want

When you’ve chosen your mentor, the next decision you want to make is about what you really want. If you say, “I want to make more money,” then if I give you a dime, then your wish has come true. You’ve made more money.

What you really need is more clarity. Exactly how much more money do you want to make? What will you do to make that money? And what won’t you do? Then focus on the details. Where do you want to live? Do you want to live in a condo or a house? Where don’t you want to live? Picture all the details, both what you do and don’t want.

Let me give you a perfect example. I’ve had multiple opportunities come across my desk, including business in Asia that involved frequent trips. The money was good but I hated the travel. So I wasn’t going to continue with that. You need to be clear about the details of your plan.

If you cannot act and you cannot take action, you cannot improve your financial situation. Lack of clarity means lack of power, and power is the ability to take action. Extreme clarity leads to extreme results. And that leads to the final decision you will make.

Decide What Price You’re Willing To Pay

This third decision to change your financial life is this: Decide what price you are willing to pay. There’s always a price to action. Everything you want in life has a price.

The first five years when I was building my empire, I did not take a day off for five years straight. I was working every single day, 12 to 14 hours. I remember there were nights where I literally worked to exhaustion and I fell asleep on my desk. While all my friends were drinking, partying, watching sports games and chasing girls, I was focused.

You’ll need to make sacrifices that other people are not willing to make, so that you can do what you want to do for the rest of your life. The decisions that you make today will decide where you go in the future. Click To Tweet