Reputation Secrets That Experts Won’t Tell You

Reputation Secrets That Experts Won’t Tell You

Dan Lok Show

Imagine yourself walking into a room and everyone quiets down when they see you, even though you haven’t met any of them before.

When your reputation precedes you and inspires respect, your work is done for you before you arrive on the scene or utter a single word.

That’s power.

Now imagine you have that in a marketplace with tens of thousands of people.

The Power Of Your Reputation


This is something that the experts won’t tell you – how you can build your reputation. The power of your name shows in how much weight it carries and how accessible you are. Your name is not just a name.

For example, people have to fill out an application form, watch a video, or complete a course before they can even speak with you, or get coaching from you. They can’t just call you.

You must construct a process that enables this reputation. If you’re too easily accessible, you cannot be that valuable. It also implies that you cannot be that good at what you do because if you’re that good at what you do, you should be incredibly busy.

Think about it. People should be lining up to do business with you if you're truly good. The minute you chase clients, you destroy your positioning. Click To Tweet

It doesn’t matter if you just started your business, or if you’ve been in business for 10 years. Time has nothing to do with that.

When I was a copywriter in my early 20s, I had no clients. When someone called me up and asked to hire me, I would tell them, “I’m busy.” Although I had no money, I would tell them to wait a month. I did that from day one. Most people want to wait until they have the money to do that, but I didn’t.

How To Build Your Reputation


You build a reputation from what others are told about you, and from the impression you give others. What creates a reputation? One factor is how many testimonials you have. Another is what they assume about you.

Being a published author helps. I’ve published 13 books. If people want to know about me, they can read my books or Google me and find out how many times I’ve been a TEDx speaker, how many subscribers I have on my YouTube channel and how many podcast interviews I’ve done.

Who and what you associate with is also part of your reputation. My branding links my name, Dan Lok, with Vancouver Club, not McDonald’s. I have all my mentor’s content on my website, a link to Dan Peña, and I’m the only mentee who has done that. People have found me because of this link to him.

Consider your reputation in your current business and social circles. What are people saying about you? Who do they see you with? How do they perceive you?

Build up your reputation from day one. The trick in this business is not to leave your reputation up to chance. That’s a reputation secret that experts won’t tell you. You want to construct it yourself by training how your clients treat you, in your positioning, in your branding, and your associations.



A Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Peak Productivity

A Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Peak Productivity

Dan Lok Show

Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.

Your environment is far more powerful than your willpower. You are a product of your environment and a product of your social circle.

That means your income will be the average of the income of the five closest friends that you spend the most time with. So if you add up your income and divide by five, you’ll have your average.

Millionaire Secret To Peak Productivity

Here’s my millionaire secret to peak productivity. To increase your income, hang out with different people. Don’t hang around with people that are complaining about gas prices. Be with people who want to own a private jet. To increase your productivity, socialize with people who are highly productive. Learn their habits.

You cannot escape your environment because as human beings we are affected by our environment. Go to a nice environment, a five star hotel, and work there. You will be more productive. Have meetings at a place like the Vancouver Club and dress for success. Wear a suit. You will elevate your game.

So make certain your environment works for you instead of against you. For example, in my home, I have wealth triggers. My office is full of things that represent wealth, with pictures, objects, and artifacts within view of my desk. I have a clock, for example, as a trigger on my bookshelf that reminds me, “Time is very, very valuable.” Every time I see that, I’m inspired to get things done.

Another example are the letters L-O-K in gold on my shelf. That is a symbol, a reminder, for me that I am a personal brand. I’d better live up to that expectation. I constantly remind myself that what I do affects a lot of people. That’s another wealth trigger.

You want to arrange your environment to maximize your productivity. One way is with organization. Is your office messy or neat? There’s no right or wrong way. Your system has to work for you.

I feel that I’m more organized, more productive when I work in what I call a “semi-organized environment.” Because I believe creative and innovative thinking seems to come out of chaos more often than out of organization. That’s just my own experience.

How To Maximize Your Time And Productivity

Another aspect of my secret formula to peak productivity is time management. I design everything around my lifestyle to maximize my productivity.

An example is since I moved in my new home, I haven’t had one single business meeting outside my home. Now think of how much time that saves me, especially if the person I am meeting is late. The time spent waiting here and there from delays adds up over the course of a year.

So eliminating wait time and travel time for meetings is one way to manage your time. You can arrange for a phone meeting instead of an in-person meeting. Or, if you do have to go off-site, at least have something to read or something to listen to, like a podcast, so you turn your dead time into learning time. That’s a good habit to have.

So that’s my millionaire secret formula to reach peak productivity. Control your environment, and control your future. Click To Tweet



John Henry Investing In Minorities Venture Capital Strategy And How To Profit From Your Brand

John Henry Investing In Minorities Venture Capital Strategy And How To Profit From Your Brand

Dan Lok Show - John Henry Viceland Investing Strategy

John Henry is a Dominican-American entrepreneur, founder of the non-profit incubator Cofound Harlem, and a Venture Partner at Harlem Capital Partners. He sold a $1 million dollar business when he was just 21.

In this podcast, he shares his story about starting his first business at 18, an on-demand dry cleaning service for the film and TV industry in New York City, with clients such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Boardwalk Empire, Power, and more.

It began with his philosophy that, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” He noticed hardly visible wrinkles in a customer’s blazer and was determined to set a precedent for quality service.

He also discovered the advantage of “riches in niches.” when his dry cleaning service got him client leads in the film industry, and he found a niche market.

He sold his first business when he was just 21. On the heels of his first win, John launched Cofound Harlem — a non-profit incubator that aims to foster a robust tech ecosystem North of 96th street in New York City.

Cofound Harlem has launched numerous high-growth companies in Harlem, gaining recognition from Fast Company, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and more.

With all these successes, he has a lot of wisdom to share about the 24/7 business life, venture capital investing with Harlem Capital, and personal branding. He also offers us a glimpse into his upcoming show, Hustle. He continues to work with early stage companies to teach entrepreneurs the building blocks of a growing company.

What I learned is that there’s riches in niches… I was in my own lane… and when I was in there, there was nobody else in that space. -John Henry Click To Tweet

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 2:23 John Henry’s humble beginnings in America as a doorman
  • 6:00 Why selling his first business was a stepping stone to his next move
  • 13:05 What he does to add value as a venture capitalist
  • 21:50 What happens when he built a lot of brand by not being sales heavy
  • 24:44 His investment philosophy on real estate and venture capital
  • 30:23 The inside story about his show, Hustle
  • 33:30 Infusing personal brand to make brand deals
  • 35:38 The 24/7 life that’s not the same as the usual 9 to 5



John Henry Website

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TV Show: Hustle





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The One Powerful Trick To Increase Your Sales

The One Powerful Trick To Increase Your Sales

Dan Lok Show

What if I could teach you one simple trick, one powerful trick, to increase your sales without adding a single dollar of expense? Would you be interested?

Now, before I teach you this trick, I want to ask you a question. What do you think is the most expensive sale when it comes to business? Can you guess it? That’s correct. Your first sale.

Your Most Expensive Sale Is The First One


When it comes to marketing, the most expensive expense is acquiring the first customer. Why? Because they don’t know you, they don’t like you, and they don’t trust you. It’s that period of time where you are “kind of still dating,” to use a dating analogy.

You and the customer are trying to find out if your product and service are a good fit for each other. So finding and testing ways to acquire the first customer are very, very costly.

The second question is, when do you think is the best time to sell them again? Is it one day later? Is it five days? A month? Two months? A year?

The best time to sell someone again is when they have just bought. Right after they've just bought. Click To TweetWhy? Because that moment they are in what I call a buying mode. They’ve pulled out the wallet and they’ve made a commitment to make this purchase today. That’s the best time to try to sell them something else.

The Art Of Upselling And Increasing Sales


This powerful trick is the art of upselling. One of the most powerful examples of upsell is McDonald’s. Someone, somewhere, some time came up with the idea that when someone is buying a burger from McDonald’s, they can sell them the fries to make more profit.

The fries and the burgers go very well together, and the fries make you more thirsty, so you would buy the drink and the fries and burger all together. They came up with the famous line, “Would you like fries with that?”

It’s a simple one sentence upsell. Now, if McDonald’s services 68 million customers a day in 119 countries, with 35 thousand franchises, with that one little line, “Would you like fries with that?” how much have they increased their sales?

If only 10% of people say yes to that question, their sales would be worth millions and millions, and tens of millions of dollars. Because the customer is already buying a burger, adding fries is an easy decision. And the profit margin on those fries is ridiculous. It generates so much profit for them.

Now, how can you apply this concept to your business and increase your sales?

How To Use Upsells And Increase Your Sales In Your Own Business


Your customers are already in buying mode. By the time they are at the cash register, or at the checkout page, they have already bought. Why don’t you sell them something else? Something meaningful and complementary to what they just bought?

If they’ve bought shoes, sell them shoe polish. If they’re checking into their hotel room, upgrade them to a bigger room with a complimentary breakfast.

That’s the power of upselling. When the customer has made one small commitment, upsell them to a bigger commitment. That is a very simple thing that you can do in your business, one simple trick to increase your sales.


Christopher Kai: How To Network With Billionaires, Executives, And Celebrities

Christopher Kai: How To Network With Billionaires, Executives, And Celebrities

Dan Lok Show

Christopher Kai is the world’s leading authority in story-based leadership. He is the founder & CEO of The Mathem Group, a Beverly Hills-based leadership training firm. A Fortune 100 global speaker and #1 global bestselling author, Christopher is the founder of GPS, the premier speaker training program in the world with clients in 100 cities, 24 countries, and 5 continents.

Forbes has said he’s “an international speaker,” Inc. has stated he’s “the billionaire networker” and Elon Musk once exclaimed, “Wow, you really know a lot.”

In this podcast, Christopher shares his strategy for meeting big game, or people who are at a higher level. He explains the “next-level” in networking that will get them to stand out from all the others who are trying to get the attention of millionaires and billionaires.

For anyone who hasn’t yet reached celebrity status, they need to defy their own self limitations and step out of their comfort zone to get invited to the parties and events that the next level attends.

Christopher also shares insights on leadership and communication, such as how to make memorable speeches through storytelling to create more impact with an audience.

His clients include: Google, American Express, New York Life, Merrill Lynch, Farmers Insurance, Bank of America, and the U.S. Consulate. He has authored 5 books which include: Communication is King: How to Avoid Feeling Like a Pawn in Any Situation, Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities” and “Work: The 4 Pillars of Productivity.” He has been featured on Forbes, Inc., CNN, ABC News, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and Fast Company.

His main keynotes revolve around: story-based leadership, sales, work productivity, team building, communication skills and networking. Christopher’s audiences have called his speeches “life-changing,” “profound and powerful,”  “never seen anything quite like it” and “he has an aura that surrounds him when he steps on stage.”

His two main online programs are the premier tools entrepreneurs and executives have used in improving their networking and professional speaking skills. For more details go to:


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 3:29 How you network up to meet people like Elon Musk
  • 4:53 Leveling up your game and bringing value to other people
  • 6:26 Standing out from the crowd and getting noticed by people at a higher level
  • 13:17 Having a sense of community by helping others to stand out
  • 20:05 The best way to meet high profile people at events
  • 24:01 What type of people are actually changing the world
  • 34:05 Why public speaking is part of next level networking
  • 34:18 Storytelling and how it makes you memorable


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