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Have you ever set a large goal only to give up after two months? Or maybe you find that you’re getting to your goals too slowly?

Well the way I see it is this:  if you’re frustrated with the slow pace of things, then there’s two reasons why things are not working for you.

If It’s Not Working, Your Goal Is Not Realistic

First, you want to look at the reality and the vision. Is your vision realistic? Let’s say you’re making $50,000 a year right now and you want to become a millionaire in three months.

Maybe you can do it, but more likely you’ll be disappointed. When you’ve got two months left and you’re still making $50,000, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Let’s revisit your vision again.

Whatever you want to accomplish in life, you have to be realistic. Your goals will take time. Maybe five, maybe seven years. If you mess something up in between, maybe it’ll take ten. As long as you’re moving forward, it’s okay. Click To Tweet

Every single day, get closer to your vision by moving forward. How do you move forward? That leads to the second thing.

What To Do To Improve Your Skills

As part of your reality check, take a look at your current skill sets. Let’s say you want to win a basketball championship. Everyday, you’re dribbling the ball, running around the court, but you’re frustrated you haven’t won the game yet.

But have you been upgrading your skills? Have you been working on your training? If you’re not working on what you need to win a championship, all the dribbling and running will get you nowhere. If you’re not improving, then you’re just keeping busy and that won’t win anything.

So work on improving your skills, your jumps, your defense. Then, when your skills are better, you can bring on some good team members. You can start winning some small games and work your way up to the championship. And then the time will come when you can outperform your opponents.

You win the game and your vision becomes a reality. So don’t just keep busy doing mindless activity until frustration hits. Have realistic expectations and work on your skills. That’s how you make reality and your vision one and the same.


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