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As high achievers, we all ask ourselves how can we get more done? How do we increase our output so we achieve 10x more than our peers?

Today I’m going to teach you something much more profound, more esoteric than what I usually teach. It will impact how you can 10x what you achieve in your careers. But most of you won’t understand this lesson the first time I teach it.

To do that, I’ll show you how to accomplish without accomplishing. That probably doesn’t make sense to you right now, so let me explain with an analogy.

If you watch Enter the Dragon, there was a scene when Bruce Lee was challenged by another martial artist. That martial artist asked him, “So, what’s your style?” And Bruce Lee said, “Well, my style is the art of fighting without fighting.” The opponent was baffled. What did Bruce Lee mean?

I believe when it comes to accomplishment and productivity, we go through four stages in life.

Life Happens To Me


The first stage is called, “Life happens to me,” when things happen for no reason. You’re not in control and don’t have the power to change your circumstances. You start at this stage.

Early on in my career, I was complaining about all kinds of scenarios. I didn’t like how cheap my customers were, why the government taxed me so much and why the economy was so bad. Everything was about me, me, me, me. I didn’t like the lack of control. No one does.

Later on, I realized that I had the power to change. That I could take responsibility. That evolved to stage two.

Life Happens By Me


At this stage, I realized I could change things because I was in control. If something didn’t work, I could change it, and I could do whatever it takes to get a challenge done. And that’s the same for everyone. You can make anything happen. But there’s one problem.

You get exhausted. If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re in business, if you’re building your career, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You can take the long hours, but only to a certain point before they burn you out and you evolve to stage three.

Life Happens Through Me


This is the stage of flow. What does that mean?

It means that at this stage, you’re accomplishing, but you’re not attached to what’s happening. If you look at nature, it doesn't hurry, yet it accomplishes everything. Only human beings hurry. We hurry and we get frustrated when we don’t hit our goals… because we’re missing the point. Click To Tweet

Sometimes, the journey is meant to take that long because you’re meant to go through it. You’re meant to take some time. So, how can you let that go and say, “Yes, I know I’m going in the right direction, yet I’m not attached”? It’s easy to say; it’s not easy to do.

Life As Me

When you reach that realization, that’s when you reach the final stage of “Life as me.” You see everything as one. You see you are part of life and part of life is you as well. That’s more the enlightened stage. So how can you get to this stage?

People go through life, wanting to get more and more done. But when you get to stage four, you don’t have goals. I don’t have goals.

I have objectives and milestones I want to accomplish, but I actually don’t have a goal. It’s contrary to what most people and gurus talk about.

You get to this stage when you think life is now more about being. You’re operating in the state of flow, so things happen when they happen. That’s how you achieve 10x more than your peers, by accomplishing without accomplishing.


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