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If you’re married, the temptation of being with an enticing woman or man who isn’t your spouse is as safe as kissing a venomous snake.

Dealing with sexual temptation in marriage is a much heavier topic than what we usually talk about on this show. What’s more, it’s a bit taboo.

But we should address it because it’s a common issue and the consequences of being tempted can be extremely severe.

So what are the scenarios where sexual temptation could occur, and why do they occur?

Harmless Flirtation Scenario

In this scenario, men flirt with women, not necessarily because they want to sleep with them, but just so they know they still “got it”, especially when they are older.

They remember how they were the popular guy in their 20s, so they want to know that they can still get a phone number when they’re in their 40s. And they aren’t the only ones who are guilty.

Married women in their 40s will also do this for the same reason – they remember how popular they were with men when they were in their 20s. They flirt for validation, fulfillment, or entertainment. Any one of these reasons.

Sexual Benefit Scenario

In this situation, the married person wants to have sex with the person they are fantasizing about. Chances are, if they are considering that temptation, they aren’t very sexually satisfied in their marriage.

An example of this is when the man loses his job and his wife is making all of the income in the household. She’s not happy with him and her new role as the main breadwinner. Meanwhile, the man meets a young lady who looks up to him.

In scenarios like these, the married person flirts because ultimately they want a sexual benefit from outside of the marriage.

New Environment Scenario

In this scenario, the married person is getting some new attention because he or she is in a new environment. This person has become famous, for example, and is now meeting new people. The temptations are walking right up to the person’s doorstep.

At this point, that man or woman must think about the long term price for cheating on his or her spouse. That one-night stand could result in a divorce and impact other areas of the cheater’s life beyond the marriage. Would 30 minutes of sex be worth it?

Why Dealing With Sexual Temptation In Marriage Is Crucial

Before playing with fire, the spouse that’s thinking of cheating needs to ask himself or herself,  “Would I want to be treated the same way?”

So think about this at a deeper level and with maturity. Yes, there could be some satisfaction from having sex with someone who is not your spouse. It’s a temporary high.

But when you’re married, if you are strong enough to manage your emotions, then you can manage everything else.

As a man speaking to the men out there, I’m asking you to have that strong, mental focus. You will have respect from other men who will see you as a leader because you are able to handle temptations in marriage.


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