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Gerry Cramer is an investor, keynote speaker, mentor and a highly successful internet entrepreneur.

He started his online career in 1999 as an SEO specialist and ranked for most competitive keyword terms. However after discovering the affiliate marketing model and mastering paid advertising, Gerry became the #1 affiliate on ClickBank and has made millions of dollars through affiliate marketing.

In this podcast, Gerry talks about his experiences and what brought him massive success. He also shares the roadblocks he faced and how people can overcome those challenges. Our upbringing most likely didn’t prepare us for the struggles we face, but a big part of becoming successful is changing our mindset and taking responsibility.

Gerry now coaches and mentors students from all over the world. He has taught 8 of the 10 ClickBank super affiliates and has changed the lives of his students by helping them become financially independent and make as $30,000 in a single day.

His current success is far from his humble beginnings when he grew up poor and was identified as the bottom 10% of his class in high school. His past inspired him to now teach others how to become financially free.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 4:31 The real reason why most people aren’t succeeding at their goals
  • 9:10 What affiliate marketing is and how it works
  • 17:50 His advice on Facebook ads and health, wealth, and relationship products
  • 23:13 The faster way to scale an affiliate marketing business
  • 28:36 The income you can make as an affiliate marketer
  • 46:07 What separates people who succeed from people who fail
  • 50:09 How your mindset affects your success
  • 53:11 His opinion on copywriting and how you can tell a story


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