Do you know my real name, not Dan Lok, but my actual name?

Probably not. Just like most people don’t know the real names of Gene Simmons, Marilyn Monroe, or Jackie Chan.

It’s all part of the million dollar branding strategy, to be known as someone who stands out from the rest. Click To TweetNo one wants to be another mortgage broker, another coach, or another realtor. You want to be known as something.

Before “Dan Lok”

For example, many, many years ago, when I first got into copywriting, I called myself the Wiz Kid of Copywriting. And the name I was using was Daniel Lok. How many of you know my Chinese name? My Chinese name, don’t laugh, is Ji Fung Lok. Lok is just my last name, my family name, so my full name is Ji Fung Lok. Why don’t I use that name in my personal brand?

Because no one will remember it. And nobody can pronounce it.

You’ve probably had this experience where you meet someone and you can’t pronounce his name, so you just say, “Nice meeting you.” Or you can’t remember the last name and because you met two Toms that day, you can’t remember which Tom was which. Your name is actually part of your personal brand, so if your name is difficult to pronounce, change your name.

So I became Daniel Lok, the Wiz Kid of Copywriting. Next, I came up with a company name after meeting Joe Vitale from The Secret. He has the title The World’s First Hypnotic Marketer. That inspired me to set up the company called Quick Term Marketing. I called myself the World’s First Quick Term Marketer, but I have no idea what “Quick Term Marketing” means.

Birth Of The “Dan Lok” Brand

Over time, my brand started to evolve. My mentor, Alan Jacques, told me that shortening my name to Dan Lok was a good idea. It had more punch. Changing the name also attracted more business.

Next, as part of my branding, I bought my domain name on the internet. I have,,, I own all of them. You need to own your domain name if you’re going to build a personal brand. If you don’t have it, get it immediately tonight. The last thing you want is to find out your domain name belongs to a porn site.

If somebody else owns your domain name and it’s for sale, get it, even if it’s a couple hundred dollars. It’s worth it because if I didn’t have, and I had to buy something like, the effect would not be as powerful. I want to own my name for many, many, years.

Choosing The Right Name

Over time, from when I started in copywriting, until now, you can see that my personal brand evolved. I systematically built my personal brand authority by changing my name and company name to be more recognizable and memorable.

When building your personal brand authority, choosing the right name, and owning your brand is extremely critical to your success.