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If you want your family or friends to come on a vacation with you, do you describe your plans enthusiastically or calmly?

You most likely say it with excitement in your voice because if you are excited about it, then hopefully they would be too!

And that is how salespeople think. They believe that, to be a great salesperson, you have to show enthusiasm for your product. If they are excited about what they are selling, then their prospect will be too.

Why Great Salespeople Don’t Follow Conventional Wisdom

That’s the conventional sales wisdom.

In sales, they teach you to be eager and passionate. They teach you to follow up many times with the prospect, calling them again and again until they buy. Or you ask the prospect three or four times for the sale. You have to keep pleasing them and chasing them.

I don’t like to chase. I like to be the chase. Why? Because to be a great salesperson you cannot be a salesperson. Click To Tweet

Why do I believe that?

Just think about it: when I say the word “sales” or “salesperson”, what comes to mind?

Pushy, aggressive, manipulative, wants your money, used car sales…words like that, right?

Imagine if you’re a parent and your kid comes up to you and says, “Mom/Dad, I want to be a doctor.”

You’re probably feeling proud that you raised your child the right way.

Now imagine a different scenario, where your kid says to you, “Mom/Dad, I want to be a salesperson.”

You’re probably wondering where you failed as a parent.

The Greatest Salespeople Aren’t Typical Salespeople

You’re wondering why you didn’t teach your child to get a student loan, spend six to eight years in medical school, pick a stressed-out profession, and have a “real” career. Not that being a doctor is bad – we need doctors – but to you, a sales career isn’t as good as a medical career.

What you might not have thought of before is that some of the highest paid people in our society are salespeople, such as Warren Buffet and Elon Musk.

When Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone in front of thousands of people live and worldwide, guess what? He was giving a sales presentation. It’s not a product announcement, it’s a sales presentation.

Buffett, Musk, and Jobs are all closers, all salespeople. They just don’t sound like typical salespeople. Just imagine if your doctor said to you, “Here’s a prescription for your fever. You’re in luck today – it’s buy one, get one free day – so I can give you two prescriptions.”

If you heard that, you would probably run. I definitely would.

A great salesperson sounds like a doctor giving a diagnosis. They are calm and neutral and they are problem solvers, asking questions until they have the solution –  the prescription – for your situation. The doctor doesn’t chase you; you go to see the doctor. Similarly, a good salesperson doesn’t chase you.

They are professionals. If they don’t make the sale, that’s okay. They’re not there to make commissions, they’re there to help you get what you want as a customer. It’s that simple.