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True or false: Money can’t buy happiness.

You might say it’s true, you might say it isn’t.

But can you remember where you heard that expression from? Who told it to you? And why do you believe it is true or false?

You most likely heard statements like these when you were growing up. Your parents and teachers told them to you, and because you trusted them, you believed them.

There are a lot of negative associations with money and wealth out there.

  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
  • “Money will change you.”
  • “Rich people are evil.”
  • “If you truly want to help someone, do it for free.”

Really think about that last one. “If you truly want to help someone, do it for free.” Why do you think people say that?

I think it’s because they have negative associations with money and wealth. It’s these associations, these beliefs, that hold most people back from becoming rich.

But think about it this way. Money helps you to help others. You can buy your parents the expensive vacation they’ve dreamed of. You can donate thousands of dollars to a cause. Contribute funds to a hospital.

You can do all of this when you have wealth, but if you have negative beliefs about money, what are the chances you’ll get some money?

None. Slim to none.

And if you do get some money, do you think you can keep it?

No, because you don’t want to be a bad person. You don’t want to be an evil, rich person.

But let’s shift that belief just a little bit. Try this new perspective: I believe you should love what you do so much, it's the only way you make money. Click To Tweet

Instead of thinking there isn’t enough money to go around for everyone, believe that there is. People around you are going to continue to say that being rich is bad, but let’s say you do become rich and you ignore their criticism.

And instead you believe that you deserve your success. You throw away the self-limiting beliefs that these other people around you – your friends, your family, social media – are trying to have you believe and get rid of these inner conflicts.

Having these inner conflicts is like driving through life with your brakes on. You’re trying to move ahead, trying to become successful, but something is slowing you down.

Change your mindset about money, and then you’ll move faster toward success.

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