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Has this ever happened to you before?

You walked past a business, and mildly curious, you went inside for the free consultation advertised on the window. For the next hour, the business owner talks rapid fire, a thousand words a minute, showing you strategies, plans, and testimonials. What do you do?

Run? Maybe. You certainly felt overwhelmed. It was a lot of information, and you weren’t even ready to buy! So you thank the business owner… and you leave.

If you’re a business owner trying this same strategy using a discovery call, a strategy session, or a free consultation, you could be losing money.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started my business as a marketing consultant was offering a free consultation. I would spend that hour talking with the potential client and trying to impress them enough that they would want to buy at the end of the hour.

I would give them so much value because I was giving them my best strategies and ideas. But at the end, I couldn’t close the prospect. Why?

Because when you overwhelm your prospect, they think, wow, this is a lot of work. Second, they think, you’ve already given me a lot, so let me just go implement this on my own, and if I get good results, I’ll get back to you.

Clearly, adding value so they will hire you doesn’t work.

Instead, what should you do?

Close first, close today, and educate later. Click To Tweet

After they have committed financially, after you close the sale, then you can educate them in the future. When you educate too early, you’re actually doing them a huge disservice. You’re not going to solve their problems in one hour.

What you should be trying to do within that one hour consultation is establish expectations. How are you and the prospect going to work together? What are the terms? What is the commitment?

You want to establish all those things. You want to talk a little bit about their pain point too because when there’s no pain, there is no sale.


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So within that one hour, don’t talk too much, don’t educate too much. Let them talk. Then you close the sale, they sign the deal, and you get a commitment. Then, on another day, share your ideas and strategies.

So close the sale today and educate them tomorrow.