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How do you feel when a random phone call interrupts your day and on the other end you hear, “Good afternoon, [your full name here], how are you doing?”

Are you excited about talking to that person? Or do you just want to hang up and wash that voice out of your head?

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So what’s the secret to closing more sales?

I can share with you my big secret, the one I’ve used for over a decade to close tens of millions of dollars over the phone. I’m teaching that same strategy now to my mentees from all over the world. They don’t do any cold calling. And they don’t interrupt people in the middle of their day.

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Your chances of making a sale are never good when you hear kids screaming in the background and your prospect says she’s running late. You need better timing, but how do you know the best time to call a prospect?

The answer is simple. You get your prospect to call you instead of you calling them.

You’re probably wondering how you can get that prospect to call you instead of your competition. How do they find you when there is so much noise out there in the marketplace: Facebook ads, YouTube webinars, and Instagram posts? How do you get your business to stand out?

If you’re getting social media inquiries or prospects emailing you for more information, get them to book a call with you. When they show up for the call, you have their full attention. They won’t say, “I’m busy right now,” as an excuse not to talk to you.

You’re also in a better position. They’re calling you because they want something from you. You have the solution to their problem. Here are some other reasons why it’s better to have them call you:

  • You’re speaking to each other when you both have a block of time to talk.
  • The prospect is much more serious if they took the time to schedule a call in advance.
  • Your prospects are more qualified.

There you are. The one secret to closing more sales on the phone. In the future, don’t chase prospects and risk calling them at a bad time. If you have a prospect, tell them, “Book a time. Here’s my link.”