Dan Lok Show - How To Motivate Yourself

If you saw your favorite meal on table, and you were starving, and your family wasn’t around, would you eat it?

Or would you wait until everyone came home to ask for permission?

I think if you are motivated enough, you would do whatever it takes to reach your goal. You don’t need someone to motivate you to watch your favorite movie, to call your favorite customer, or wear clothes that make you feel good.

The truth is, if you need someone to motivate you, you’re not that motivated.  

What I notice is high performance people are self-motivated. Click To Tweet

But a lot of people are looking to their family and they notice their spouse, their parents, their kids, or their friends don’t support them. And they use that as an excuse to lose their motivation.

Do not expect their support! The air is thin at the top. You have to learn to be alone without being lonely. That’s just the path you’ll take to become more successful.

What I’ll be talking about in my podcast today is the biggest thing that is holding people back from working on their goals.

  • Why they are afraid of working on goals that their family doesn’t support.
  • Why it’s harder to walk a different path than everyone you know.
  • What you may fear from your loved ones if you do become successful.

If you want the secret to staying motivated when no one supports you, look to people in any industry or field who has achieved excellence. The secret to what motivates them is what motivates me:

If you have a goal, pursue it. And be your own motivation.