Dan Lok Show - High Ticket Sales

Remember when you found out someone paid thousands of dollars for the ugly painting hanging on the wall?

You’re wondering why someone would pay that kind of money for horrible artwork. The answer is they saw the value.

This is the psychology behind high-ticket sales:

People afford what they want to afford. You might not think their purchase makes sense, but it makes sense to them. Click To Tweet

As a business owner or a salesperson, you’ll find the number one reason people don’t buy from you is not money. They say it’s money. But it’s not money. Sure, they’ll tell you that they can’t afford it, but in reality money is not the issue.

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The real issue is they don’t see the value in what you offer. If they don’t see the value, it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of the seller.

Here’s a story that explains that. You may have a similar story. I helped out a gym in Toronto with Facebook ads, and they got really good results from paying very little money.

For their next ad campaign, I told them the regular price for my marketing services. The problem was, I gave them a free trial the first time. So for the second campaign, they said, “Wow. That’s expensive.” First, it was a free trial, and then they had to pay $2500 a month for marketing?

There was a disconnect for them. They got free services from me the first month. So why would they have to start paying now? It didn’t matter that I showed them I could do the work. They weren’t prepared to upgrade.

The real problem is, if you can’t sell yourself at your real price point, lowering your price won’t make a difference.

If you use dating as an analogy, it’s like saying, “I haven’t been out there.” You think you’re not attractive, so you just go on a bunch of cheap dates and you’re not happy.

It’s really about supply and demand. So don’t lower your value because there isn’t a demand. Don’t be desperate enough to take any customer, even if they aren’t qualified.

When dealing with high-ticket sales, there are a few questions you need to ask about your potential buyer:

  • Do they have the ability to pay and the desire to pay for your product or service?
  • What is their perception of you in the marketplace?
    How much they trust you depends on how much they know about you and your business.

When you’re selling high-ticket products or services, and asking for thousands of dollars, your potential client wants to know how much money you can make them. If you show them your value, you can sell them at your price point.

Do you want to close more sales? Click here to talk to one of the leaders on my team who’s an expert in this area.