Dan Lok Show - Will You Get Rich One Day?

You’ve just tried out a new kind of delicious tea made from these exotic tea leaves. What’s your reaction?

  • Love this tea but it’s so ridiculously expensive I can’t afford it.
  • How can I make money from this product so I can afford it?

If your reaction is to come up with some entrepreneurial solution, then you’re already showing the first sign that you could be successful one day.

Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett had the first sign at a young age. Mark Cuban sold trash bags door the door when he was twelve. Warren Buffett started selling packets of gum to his neighbors when he was six.

In my case, at age nine, I was already looking for ways to make money.

I started by making money from my family. If you’re familiar with customs at Chinese New Year, then you know kids get “lucky money” in red envelopes from their adult relatives. My aunts and uncles would give me equivalent to a couple hundred U. S. dollars.

They thought I was very smart because I would recite poems to get the lucky money. My cousins would only say a few standard words, so they made less money than I did. At one point, I could make up to five thousand U.S. dollars because I figured out how to make more lucky money than other kids.

So the first sign that you’ll be successful and rich one day is you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Click To Tweet

You’ll also be in a hurry to get started on your business plans. That’s the second sign.

Millionaires and billionaires have this sign because they are high achievers. If there is something they want to get done, they won’t let any excuse stop them. They have a sense of urgency.

That’s the kind of attitude that they have. They don’t wait around to achieve their dreams. When I had no money, I also had that same drive to reach my goals.  

That’s another trait you’ll find rich, successful people have in common. They are very goal-oriented. Ask them to tell you about their plans and they’ll tell you exactly what they want and how they plan to achieve it. That’s sign number three.

And if you’re hungry for more, I’ll give you a bonus sign. Successful people are always looking for a slight edge, and they’re willing to invest time into it. If they have a business, and they’re making a million dollars a year, even a ten percent improvement would add a hundred thousand dollars to their bottom line, for example.

Now, if you do have these three signs, and the fourth, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be rich or successful, but you will have an advantage over other people. After all, it’s the search for that slight edge that brought you to this podcast.