Dan Lok Show

Your friends and family are having fun and they want you to join them, but you’re staring at the doorway into a dark room. Do you go in and leave everyone you know behind?

Most people won’t. They like to stay where they are comfortable. Most people won’t take risks.

When it comes to money, wealth, and financial confidence, people want to live the way they are comfortable. It’s also the reason why many people are broke or struggling with finances.

Here’s an alarming statistic: 97% of the population are dead or dead broke by the age of 65. Only 3% succeed financially. Click To Tweet

So what can you do to avoid becoming one of the 97%?

If you want to avoid being in the majority, if you want a better future for yourself, you need to be aware of seven things. I’ll be talking about them in detail in my podcast, but for now, here is a quick overview.

You want to start by examining your own beliefs about money. If money were a real person, what would you say to it? And after your tell money your true opinion about it, will it still be around for you tomorrow?

There’s a reason your values about money keep you struggling. The school system educated you for one purpose, so you could get a job and work for many years until it’s time to retire.

Making and multiplying money is not something your teachers teach. It’s also not what your parents teach. Even if your parents love you, they might not give you the best business and financial advice.

When you told them you wanted to do more than work for most of your life, what did they say? Did your parents or teachers advise you to start a business and become financially confident?

Let’s step back a little. In your world, there is so much information coming at you at once. Mainstream media and social media surround you. What messages do you see on your phone, on your TV, on your computer?

If you have multiple credit cards, if you have a loan at the bank, then you’ve heard their messages loud and clear. You absolutely must consume, you must spend money to have a good life. It’s what your friends and family do.

So there you are, wondering if you should enter that dark doorway all by yourself. People you trust have told you how they make money. Do you listen to them? Or do you want to be the three percent?