Dan Lok Show

You might be wondering, “Dan, if I dropped out of college, could I become a multi-millionaire like you?”

Or maybe you don’t want to drop out of college, you just want to ask, “Which courses are the best to take if I want to be as successful in business as you?”

Those are very good questions to ask. A lot of people think I dislike school because I dropped out. The truth is, I don’t hate school and I’m not saying school is a complete waste of time.

I think if you’re investing in your education, you should do it with a clear purpose in mind. Most importantly, you should be going to school for yourself.

It’s likely you’re going to school and majoring in certain subjects because your parents told you that’s what you should study. Or you chose a subject because your friends gave you some advice, or you think that a subject is the best for the job market.

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I disagree with that because nowadays it’s not enough to just have a college degree. To be a top employee at a company like Google or Nordstrom, a degree is no longer a requirement. The job market is changing.

You’re probably wondering what you can do to adapt to these changes. There are things you can do to improve your skills, which I’ll talk about in my podcast. The plans you make for yourself professionally depend what you want to do as a career.  

There are ways to prepare yourself to be successful, but a college degree will not be enough to get you a job when you graduate. Getting an education is just the first step.