Dan Lok Show

What if you could take 15 years of experience and learn it all in 15 minutes?

How much time would that save you? How many painful lessons? How much grief?

I know what it’s like to look back and wish you could have done something differently, so what I’m going to do today is share with you what took me 15 years to learn. The key lessons, the three secrets about setting goals and being a high achiever. You’re going to get 15 years in 15 minutes.  

I spent the last decade and a half of my life studying achievement and personal development, especially goal setting. Any audio program, books and courses you can think of, I’ve probably read and taken them all.

You could still go and read all those books, but this is what I’ve found works for me. When it comes to goal setting, number one, you have to be very specific. Making money is just a wish or a dream.

A goal is wanting to make $100,000 in income by the end of the year or in the next 12 months. Click To Tweet

That’s a goal. It has to be very specific and very precise.

Let’s take a closer look at that $100,000 money goal. Now that you know your goal and when you want to get it done, you reverse engineer it. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do? What do I need to focus on? What skills do I need to upgrade?”

Divide your $100,000 income goal by 12 months, then by 52 weeks. What do you need to do each week to improve your skills? Then you break it down further into your D.I.G.

Your D.I.G., Daily Income Goal, or what you need to do every day to get to your goal by the end of the year. I explain the D.I.G. a bit more in my book, F.U. Money.

Setting a Daily Income Goal is like training for martial arts. In my podcast, I talk about how you can train yourself to set your goals and stick to them, the way people train in kung fu. Breaking down the goals is really important because over 12 months, it’s very easy to lose focus.

Once you’ve set your D.I.G., you also want to set goals for four major areas in your life: your health, your personal life, your finances, and your contribution to others.

If you think setting goals in four areas can be difficult to achieve, you’re right. It can be, but there is a formula you can use to make sure you succeed at achieving what you want to do.

I set my goals in such a way that when I finally accomplish what I set out to do, it’s no surprise. You can live as if your dreams have already come true.