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I don’t read books. I use books and that’s a big distinction.

What do I mean by “use books”?

I mean I’m not trying to understand everything the author is saying. I read to learn. I don’t need all the background or all the details because the purpose of learning is mastering an idea or concept, and then implementing those ideas in what I do.

There are people who read a book a day or a book a week. I read about two to three books a week. But how I use the books is different than other people.

When it comes to books, I have a simple question: What are three ideas that I can get from the book that I can implement right now? Just three ideas. Click To Tweet

If I can get those three ideas from the first three chapters, I will highlight those, and put the book back on the shelf. Maybe later on I’ll return and read the rest of the book and implement some of the other ideas. But if I’ve got my big three, that’s all I need.

Sometimes I get ideas from the back of each chapter, where they’re talking about action steps and summary and resources. That’s awesome. Sometimes I get ideas just from the table of contents. If the table of contents gives me three ideas, I put the book away and then I implement.

So, I don’t read books. It’s not about accumulation of knowledge. It’s about having clarity.

One of the most powerful mindsets you need to have in life or in business is clarity. Clarity is power. And what is power? The power is the ability to take action.

What I talk about in my podcast is the difference between information and knowledge, and knowledge to wisdom. How you can take what you learn in school and apply knowledge to experience. And from experience, how you evolve that into wisdom.

When you know how to apply your wisdom, you will increase your chances of success in life and business.

So you see, asking me, “What books should I read, Dan?” is a very superficial question. What you should be thinking about is how you’re applying what you’re learning.