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No one likes to have the truth withheld from them.

Yet, your prospects are holding their cards close to their chest when they tell you, “Let me think about it.”

And you never hear from them again.

What they’re actually saying is one of three things.

The first one is they don’t have the money, but they don’t want to admit it.  So they say they’ll call you back, but they don’t. When you’re on the phone with a prospect, only one of two things happen. Either you’re closing them on why they should buy, or they closing you on why they shouldn’t.

The second thing they’re actually saying is they don’t see the value. After hearing your offer, they don’t see the value it could bring to their life, so they delay the sale by saying they’ll think about it.

The third thing is they don’t see why they should buy right now. They don’t see the value of what you are selling, so there is no urgency, and you’re letting them get away with that common excuse, “Let me think about it.”

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The very first thing you should do when you set up the meeting with your prospect is pre-frame it. You must make it clear with the prospect that only one of three things can happen at the end of the meeting or phone call.

Something else you can do is if they say, “Let me get back to you,” you become direct and call them out on what they are telling you. You don’t want them to get away with their smoke and mirrors. There are questions you can ask to be direct without offending them, and get to the truth. You can also offer them an alternative and then the solution.

Remember, you can’t help your prospect if you don’t sell them.