DLS 93 | New Year Resolutions


Forget your new year resolutions. How many people do you know who have new year’s resolutions every single year are still broke, still overweight, and still single? Probably a few. So what do you do instead of new years’ resolutions? Listen to this episode to find out.

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Kiss Your New Year Resolutions Goodbye!

How was your 2018? Did you have a great year, a fantastic year? Did you have an okay year? Did you have a bad year? This 2019, you promised yourself that you’re going to make it even better. I want to give you a gift of self-awareness. The gift of asking yourself some profound questions to make 2019 your best year ever. You know how that works. New Year comes and they’re all excited. Now, they want to set their New Year’s resolutions like, “I’m going to do all these great things. I’m going to make sure I get all my goals accomplished.” You are very ambitious. Let’s say New Year’s resolutions right after Christmas. After all the crazy dinners most people will say, “This year I’m going to lose some weight. I’m going to set some fitness and some health goals.”

Here’s what most people do. They get all excited. The first thing they do is they join a gym. They set up a gym membership and they go maybe a couple of times for the first couple of weeks. They buy that diet book. They don’t just buy one diet book, they buy ten diet books. You can go to the library and you will find that they have ten, twenty or 50 diet books. In case this doesn’t work, they’ll buy another one. They sit there reading their diet books eating chips and they watch TV and say, “I need one of those treadmills. I need some of those gadgets to put on my stomach that will give me some electricity. That would give me the six-pack abs.” They buy this widget, they buy these gizmos. Before you know it, they’ve got four to ten pieces of this equipment in their house and they become expensive dust collectors. By the end of the year, they are still fat. That’s the issue. We know what we need to do. We know we eat too much during Christmas. We know we don’t exercise enough. We know exactly what we need to do.

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The secret to weight loss is eating less and move more or eat less and move your butt. It’s simple but we don’t do them so forget New Year’s resolutions. What do we need to do? Let’s take money for example because it’s easy to talk about it. It’s easy to quantify. Let’s say in 2019 and you say, “Dan, I have a certain financial goal, an income goal.” Maybe you want to make $50,000, $100,000 a year or $200,000 a year, $500,000 a year or you say, “This is the year that I’m going to make $1 million a year.” Whatever your goal is. Let’s take simple math. $100,000 a year, let’s make it even simple, let’s take $10,000 a month. That’s your goal. Don’t use the New Year’s resolutions concept.

Here’s the concept I talked about in my book F.U. Money. You can go get the book from Amazon but I’m going to teach this to you right now. There’s a concept of DIG. It stands for Daily Income Goal. Let’s say you take $10,000 a month and you break it down and divide it by 30 days. Each day you got to make about $350. That’s your DIG. $350 that you need to make every single day if you want to hit $10,000 a month. When you get up in the morning, the first question you have to ask yourself is, “What am I doing now that will make me $350 now? What do I need to do? What do I need to focus on? What are my objectives? Am I hitting my daily income goal? What does massive action look like? What would Dan Lok do?” Ask yourself those questions. If you’re not hitting your daily income goal, you are not hitting your weekly income goal. If you’re not hitting your weekly income goal, you’re not hitting your monthly income goal. If you’re not hitting your monthly income goal, you’re not hitting your yearly income goal. You don’t need to wait until December and look at a calendar and say, “I screwed up. I am way behind. I’m nowhere near making $100,000. What is going on?” I know exactly what’s going on.

DLS 93 | New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions: Stop focusing on something that is so far away; instead, focus on the daily.


You are not hitting your daily income goal. You can look at your progress every single day like, “What am I doing now to hit my daily income goal?” “I’m not doing anything now,” then don’t blame and don’t complain when you’re not hitting your goal. You know what now, “I’m excited. I’m fired up. I’ve hit my income goal. I exceeded my daily income goal. Instead of $350 a day, I hit $500 now.” It’s good for you. Good job. That means you have that $150 extra. It doesn’t mean tomorrow you’ll slack off and slow down. It means, “I’ve exceeded that now.” There are some days maybe you hit it, there are some days you don’t. You’ve got to average it out. Tomorrow you get back into it quick in the morning like, “What am I doing now to hit that $350? What do I need to do every single day to accomplish my daily income goal?” The concept of DIG. Isn’t it much more powerful than some New Year’s resolutions? You’re focusing on something far away, instead of focusing on your daily activities.

Manage your daily activities to get the outcome that you want. You need to focus on the outcome. You don’t need to focus on, “I need to lose X amount of weight.” Look at your daily schedule. Look at your weekly schedule. Look at your monthly schedule. How much time have you allocated to work out to go to the gym? Not joining a gym membership but going to the gym. The type of work out, the diet, and all of that. You look at your daily activities and you don’t even need to focus on the outcome. By the time New Year comes, you look back and you reflect, “I’m proud of myself. I’ve accomplished all my goals. Maybe my health goals, maybe my financial goals, or my income goals.” It’s the power of DIG. Forget New Year’s resolutions. Set your DIG and watch. Twelve months from now come back to this blog, comment below and see what difference it has made and see if this is going to be the year that’s your best year.


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