DLS 70 | Money Madness


How do you train your brain to make you more money? There are beliefs that you have blocking you from making more money and getting rich. These simple phrases you may say to yourself or hear every day could be stopping you from training your brain and making more money. What are these phrases and how do you train your brain to make more money? Listen to this episode to find out.

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STOP The $$$ Money Madness -Train Your Brain To Make More Money Today

How do you train your brain to make more money? I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my fans about how do you develop that mindset? How do you rewire your brain and reprogram your mind to attract more wealth and prosperity? I’m going to teach you something very profound and you’ll find it interesting. If you’re struggling with money and if you want to make more money but somehow you’re always feeling stuck, this will help you solve that problem. As you are going through different concepts within this, be fully engaged. Fully participate and you’ll get much more out of this. I want you to imagine that money is a lover of yours. It is someone that you love and someone that you care. Maybe it’s your husband, your wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend. I want you to imagine that and I want you to examine your current relationship with money. I want you to imagine what if you treat your loved one or your lover as if you are treating money. How long will he or she stick around? How long will he or she stay with you?

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I’m going to give you some examples and I want you to think about it. Have you ever felt these ways about money, your lover? Have you ever said these things out loud or quietly in the back of your mind to money, to your lover? Have you ever said something like, “You don’t make me happy?” Imagine you say that to your money. How long would money stick around? Have you ever heard of people saying, “Money doesn’t buy me happiness,” or “You’re not that important to me?” Imagine you say that to your lover. This is no different than saying to your money that money is not that important. Money isn’t everything. Have you ever said, “I don’t understand you. I don’t understand money. Money is too complicated for me?” What about if you are evil? Imagine saying that to your wife and to your husband every day. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Money is the root of all evil?” What about, “I don’t want to pay attention to you?” This is no different when you say, “I don’t have time to understand or to learn how money works.” It is no different.

DLS 70 | Money Madness

Money Madness: If you don’t do something to nurture your mind that is your garden, weeds and negativity will grow.


It’s hard to hold onto you. It’s hard to hold onto your money. “You are a cheater,” imagine saying that to your loved ones. It’s no different than saying, “Only people who cheat will make money,” or “All rich people cheat to get money,” or “You’re a liar or you’re a thief,” all rich people lie, and they steal. It’s no different or if you are not spiritual. Rich people are not spiritual, “I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve money.” If you’re no good, “I’m not good with money,” or “You are difficult,” making money is difficult, or “I’m ashamed of you.” It’s no different than saying, “We don’t talk about money over dinner.” Out of all these beliefs, maybe you don’t say all these things to money all the time, but here’s what’s going on. If you say some of these things or all of these lists, that’s just one or two that you say from time to time to money. Here’s what happens, maybe you have made some money in the past or you’ve had some success in the past, but it’s always like a roller coaster. You make it, then you lose it.

You cannot seem to hold onto it. It’s no different in a relationship. It’s like a couple. You are together, and everything seems to be “okay,” but there is a couple of underlying beliefs like, “You’re no good,” or “I don’t deserve you.” Someday your loved one will tell you, “It’s not working out. I want to break up with you.” You’re like, “What happens?” “It’s not connecting. I don’t feel this is going anywhere.” You’re like, “What do you mean? We’ve been together for three years or ten years?” It’s not working. It’s the same thing. You’ve got one or two of those negative beliefs about money and suddenly this shows up out of nowhere and money wants to leave you and that’s why you can never get a hold into money. That’s why you make it and you lose it. When you view money as a person, how would you treat money differently? If you were to hold onto money and you want to keep money long-term, what would you do? I could tell you what I do. I adore money. I love money. I talk about money. I cherish money. I appreciate the money. There’s nothing dirty about it.

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People say, “When you have money, money smells good. You smell so good today. You look so beautiful. You are so sexy. I love you. I want you to be around. I cherish you.” Imagine treating money that way. That’s how you get more of it. That’s how you attract more wealth. Imagine your mind as a garden. What happens with a garden? If you don’t nurture it or if you don’t pull those weeds out and you neglect it, weeds will grow. You need to constantly, once a month or every few weeks, you’ve got to mow the lawn and pull out the weeds so you have a beautiful garden. By default, if you don’t do something to nurture your mind or to nurture your garden, weeds will grow. Negativity will grow. Negative beliefs about the money will grow. In your whole life, other people have been planting these ideas and thoughts into your mind. They install this piece of software without your permission. It’s time to remove that piece of software and it’s time to upgrade your mind.