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Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, media personality, and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people. From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences break through to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motivating the Masses, Inc., one of the country’s only publicly traded personal and business development training companies, Lisa has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of men and women and altered the trajectory of businesses throughout the country and across the world. Lisa is also a bestselling author of six books. Her seventh book, Abundance Now, published by HarperCollins, continues her journey with her fans, providing a clear and practical blueprint for personal success drawn directly from the life experiences of its beloved author.

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Abundance Now: The Secrets To Maximizing The Value Of Your Personal Brand While Impacting Millions Of Lives with Lisa Nichols

I have the privilege of introducing you to another successful entrepreneur, world-renowned speaker, and six times New York Times bestselling author. She’s someone who has helped millions of people worldwide to breakthrough and discovers their own untapped talent and infinite potential. Lisa, welcome to the show. A lot of my audience must have heard of you. They’ve read your book. We know where you are now but part of the reason why I have so much respect for your work and why I love you much is where you came from. Share with us a little bit about your background for those who don’t know you.

I’m a self-made entrepreneur. I’ve been running my company for many years now. I am what you would call a late bloomer. This is the truth. I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was 28 years old. I tried a lot. I say this not with sorrow or as a victim, it’s my story. It shows you can do anything with what you have. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles. I had three fights a week to get home from school. I lived between two gangs. My highest grade all through school was a C plus. I found out in my mid-twenties that I was functionally dyslexic, which was why I struggled so much in school but I didn’t know why that was in school that I was. I was one of those young adults where I had a lot of potentials. I just didn’t know how to channel my energy. It was one of those things where I sparked when I touched projects but I didn’t know the thing that I was passionate about or the thing that I was good at for long-term. I sat inside of confusion for a while. The one thing that was frustrating about the confusion was I knew that I was talented. I knew that I had that thing I heard everyone said to me, “She’s got potential,” and potential to me was like, “One day in the future, she’s going to be somebody but right now she’s a hot mess.”

It took a while for me to discover what I was particularly masterful at. What was my purpose? What made my heart sing? What brought me joy? While I was searching for that, I unexpectedly got pregnant with my son, Jelani, and became a single mom. That was a pivotal place. It felt like rock bottom. I ended up having to get on government assistance and food stamps in order to provide for him. Even though I had a job, the job couldn’t provide for both him and me. I hit a pivotal place in my life when I was 29, 30 that said, “Are you willing to live the rest of your life like this, robbing Peter to pay Paul?” One week I have a feast and next week I have famine. There’s inconsistency. I say often I was broke and broken. I have this series of many years in my twenties where I was on a path and trying to land at Lisa. I wasn’t trying to land at prosperity. I wasn’t trying to land at building a business. Not like a lot of the brilliant young entrepreneurs like you that I run into now, I wasn’t there.

I was simply trying to find my oxygen. I was in survival mode and I was in the space where I said, “I’m not willing to live the rest of my life this.” I wasn’t just for surviving. I needed to save myself from myself. That’s my origin. I tell people when they say, “What inspires you?” Somewhere along the line after I got into action, all of a sudden creativity, prosperity and possibility inspired me. I wanted to be a change agent on the planet. I wanted to make the dash between my birthday and my transition day. I wanted to make that dash mean something. I want to make the dash dance. Somewhere along the line that became my driving force but that wasn’t initially my driving force. When you ask, “Tell me where you come from, Lisa? Tell me how you were in your younger years?” I have to be totally transparent with you and say, “Initially, I wasn’t running toward making a difference in the world. I wasn’t running toward living my purpose. I was simply trying to outrun being broke and broken.

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We go through stages in life, including myself. First is survival and then go from survival to security, go from security to success and then from success to significance. We have to put the analogy of put the oxygen mask on ourselves, save ourselves before trying to save the world. From where you were struggling financially to where you are now. Over the years you’ve coached millions of people. Why do you think most people don’t experience abundance in their lives?

Most people think it’s because they don’t do the right action steps, but I believe that there’s something that precedes that. The belief system that they have won’t allow them to choose to give themselves permission to have abundance. Their belief system says that struggle is the norm. Their belief system says that making money has to be hard. Their belief system says that they’re unlovable. Their belief system says that suffering is sexy. Their actions will always reflect their belief system but since we only see actions, people only measure actions. Why don’t I get up early? When they ask questions to coaches like me or you, they’re asking you questions about their actions when in fact, they need to be committed and to ask questions. How do I shift my belief system around money? How do I shift my belief system around relationships? How do I shift my belief system around health and wellness?

Abundance is a 360 experience. It’s not about balancing your bank account or the toys in your driveway. Abundance is about the quality of the relationships around you. Most people who are not in healthy relationships are not in fulfilling relationships. They’re not even based on what they’re doing. They’re not in healthy relationships based on what they think and what they believe about themselves. When you ask me why won’t most people achieve it, it’s because they haven’t given themselves permission to have it. They’re operating in 2018 with a 1995 belief system or even worse, a 1965 belief system that they didn’t even create. They were born into it. They were born into it culturally. They were born into it gender-wise. They were born into it economically. They were born into it spiritually, religious-wise. They adopted belief systems that the people around them, their family and community had. They never challenged the belief system or they develop some unhealthy belief systems themselves.

One of the quotes that you said is, “The distance between you and everything you need and want is your language.” You’re saying that part of the belief system is made up of emotions and words. Is that right?

Absolutely. Your life is a physical manifestation of the conversation going on in your head and crossing your lips. We want to make it complicated so that we don’t have to be responsible. We love to make it complicated because then we don’t have to be responsible for doing anything about it. It’s simply that the life that you live right now is a result of all your choices. Whether you’re living the life you love, the life you want, the life you admire or the life you hate, regret and want to run away from. Either way, your life is a result of small choices. It’s not one big choice. It’s a bunch of small choices. Your choices come from the things you think and the things you say. Your thoughts and your words create choices. Choices create life experience.

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How could someone be more conscious about that? Are you saying that I shouldn’t be negative or I should change my “vocabulary” my language, what I say to myself, what I say to others? How could someone stop making that shift?

I wish it were that easy. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. Let me tell you why most people won’t shift their mindset, why people won’t step into a space of abundance. I’m not saying this to be negative. I’m saying this because the truth is sexy. The truth is fair. The truth is the way you show love. Sometimes, the truth does not come served with warm cookies and milk. The reason why most people won’t step into abundance nor do that mind shift of how do they do it. I’m not declaring that if you hear my voice you’re not going to do it. I invite you to do it. I’m simply sharing with you why most won’t, but definitely take it on and run with it. In order for you to truly have a transformation in your life experience, in order for you to truly assess and shift your mental conversation. You have to first acknowledge the toxic conversation you’re currently living in. I had the pleasure of watching myself on the Dr. Phil show. I partnered with Dr. Phil and the show aired. I had a viewing party and afterward, the 30 people that were in my office were asking questions.

One of the things that I said to the students in my office was, “The reason why people don’t get to possibility is that first, you have to confront pain.” What I mean by that is you asked, “How do you shift your thinking to positive thinking?” First, you have to confront the truth of what you’re currently feeding yourself mentally. You don’t brush by it. You don’t mention it at the moment. You got to look at it, analyze it. You’ve got to dissect it. You’ve got to own it. You’ve got to peel it back in its layers. The next step is you go into what it’s cost you to think this way. I do transformational workshops and I tell people all the time, “I’m coming for your breakthrough.” Your breakthrough sometimes comes served with some caliente. It’s served with some cayenne pepper.

The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to find every place in your life that’s a pain point. We’re going to find out how you got there. If we don’t analyze how you got there, you’re going to be like a rubber band. You’re going to keep slingshotting back to that same place because we didn’t put a label on the behavior. When we put a label on the behavior that this behavior equals this outcome and I don’t want this outcome, the more we polarize the spotlight on it. The more it can’t hide behind excuses. It can’t hide behind overwhelm. It can’t hide behind being lonely. It can’t hide behind your family doesn’t support you. It can’t hide behind whatever sexy story we give it. The more we shine a light on it, the less it’s able to hide behind those things that it’s been successful hiding behind in the years previous.

I have an exercise that I have my students do. I’ve been doing this exercise for many years and having my students do it for several years. When I tell you it has transformed more internal conversations, it has healed more relationships and it has gotten more people up off the couch, up off the blame game into the life they love. I call it exposing the lies. In this exercise, you get about six sheets of blank paper or lined paper. You get a pencil and you get a red pen. You initially take a pencil and you have four categories, money, relationships, health and wellness and spirituality. In those four categories, you take one category at a time and you write with a pencil the lies you think in that area. Around finances and money, what are the lies that you think around money? You write down with a pencil, “Money is hard to make,” and then you skip four lines. You then write your next line, “Money is the root of all evil,” whatever it is for you. You write all these lies but between every lie, you skip four lines. You go to your next category. What are your lies about relationships? For me, one of my lies was I can never be as successful as I am and in a long-term relationship. Another lie is men won’t want to date me because they’ll compare themselves to me. Another lie is I can’t get in a long-term relationship because I’m always traveling. We all got lies. You dump the lies. Expose the lies. In the light, the lies have less power. It’s in the darkness that your lies have a lot of power.

Now you’ve written six pages, seven pages, eight pages. The bigger you play in the world, the more lies you have. People sitting on the couch every day watching Bridezillas or watching housewives of somebody, they don’t have a lot of lies because they’re not up to a whole lot in life. There’s no judgment to that. Know that if someone has two pages of lies and you have ten pages of lies, don’t think that you have more issues because you’re worse. Think you have more lies because you’re playing bigger in the world. Once you’ve exposed the lies, this is critical, you sit with the lie and you read the lie out so you understand like, “Look at all the junk I’m climbing over. Look at all the junk I have to rise above every day to reach the next best version of myself. Look at the junk that’s in its way.” Own it. This is why most people won’t do it. No one wants to do that. It’s painful.

DLS 12 | Abundance Now

No Matter What!: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love

I was doing this one night on a red-eye flight. I’ve decided I’m going to do my expose the lies. I used to do it twice a year just so I can keep exposing my lies. I’m playing big. I’m on the red-eye flight and I’m doing it. I’m crying and I’m going, “I still got this stuff. It’s still here.” I’m doing it from my first solo book No Matter What! It gives you instructions in that book. This woman was sitting across me she goes, “Is that book by Lisa Nichols?” I said yes, and she didn’t know it was me. It was a red-eye flight. It’s 2:00 AM. I have a baseball cap on. She’s like, “I love her,” and I’m sitting there crying doing this exercise. She didn’t know I was crying. She was like, “Is that her latest book?” I was like, “Yes.” She was like, “Do you mind if I read it when you’re done?” I said, “I’m not going to be done. I’m doing some intense work in this book and it’s going to take a while because it’s heavy work. You can take a picture of the cover if you want and you can get it when you land if you like.” She’s like, “Thank you.” I was so into the work that I wouldn’t jump out of it. You expose the lies in each area, your esteem, your body. I had so many lies about my body.

You look awesome. You lost so much weight. That’s a transformation there.

That’s because I keep doing the work. I live in the work. I never only teach the work that would be crazy about me. I live in the work. You’re going to have six pages, eight pages of all these lies written in pencil but you skip four lines in between each lie. Go back and with the red pen write the truth between every lie. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the management of the brain. The red is powerful because the red’s going to pop out at you while the pencil is going to be duller. The lie is duller and the truth pops out. I didn’t say write the truth that you can believe. I simply said write the truth. Most people will get stuck here and they’ll go, “I don’t know what the truth is,” but you know there is a truth because you identified this other part as a lie. Every lie has the truth. You write the truth even if you do not believe the truth yet. Many times, I wrote the truth and I couldn’t believe it yet. I just knew it was the truth. You asked the question, “How do you shift your mind?” It’s giving your mind an option because right now your mind doesn’t have an option. It just got your lie, that’s all.

Unlike any other time, it’s getting to a new possibility in the most healthy, organic, realistic, bite-sized, digestible, palatable way. For years we’ve been talking about, “Take a new possibility,” and we try to grab it and then we look up. Six months later, we’re back in that old thought. Some days, 60 days later we’re back in that old thought because we didn’t walk to it in a comprehensive way. This takes a lot longer. See how long it’s taking me to even tell you that. I’m going to give you something that if you stopped reading and you went and did this now, you will look up at the end of this exercise. You will know more. You’ll feel something different. You’ll have a tool in your hand. Let me walk you all the way to the end. Now you write the truth in red ink between each lie. You write and you sit with it. This isn’t a fast exercise so don’t say, “I’m going to do this on my lunch break. I’m going to do this on a commercial break of a show.” This is when you say, “I’m going to give myself a couple of hours to do the work on me.” The first part when you’re writing the lies down in all four categories, you may want to get up. Take a walk, shower. Get some air because you’re backstroking in the mud of your mind. You may want to feel like you want to clean off and then go do the truth, and then you write the truth down.

Once you write the truth, you have the lie, the truth, the lie, the truth. The beauty of that is you’ve only had in all the years past lie, lie, lie. What you’ve done is you’ve done a pattern interrupt, literally in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You’ve interrupted your lies with the truth; lie, truth, lie, truth. You did it in red ink then you want to read five times, the lie, the truth, the lie, the truth. Walk away, get some water. Read the lie, the truth, the lie, the truth. All six pages, all eight pages, you want to do this. It’s like an Olympic athlete and their coach says, “You need to run this 100-yard dash. You need to run these hurdles. You need to run this 220-yard dash. You need to run it nine times in order to get your form together.” You’re not going to run it four times. You’re going to run in nine times. Your coach, because you’re an Olympian, I’m telling you to read it five times, the lie, the truth, the lie, the truth.

What happens after that is when you’re grocery shopping or when you’re on a plane or when you’re taking a hike or when you’re in a business meeting or when you’re writing a sales plan. When you’re on stage and you have to make a pitch, you’ve got to sell you and you’re nervous. When you’ve got to make a sales call at your desk, you’re nervous and that lie pops up. If it was on that sheet of paper, your mind is going to automatically see the truth in red ink afterward. Once you’ve read the lie, the truth, the lie, the truth five times, then and only then do you pull out your eraser and you erase the lies.

DLS 12 | Abundance Now

Abundance Now: Abundance is not just about the balance in your bank account or the toys in your driveway. It is about the quality of the relationships around you.


That’s why you need to use a pencil. It’s basically rewiring the brain with a new belief system.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, reprogramming your brain. You don’t bounce to new possibility thinking. You’ve got to reprogram your brain. That’s like your car’s not working, the engine failed. Someone says, “Let’s keep trying to turn the ignition on,” and the mechanic says, “No, we need to rebuild your engine.” That’s what we’re doing. We’re rebuilding your mental engine. It’s a beautiful engine as is. We just need to clean it. We need to detoxify it. We need to give it more tools. It was okay back then but it’s not okay for now. We need to give it some more tools. We turbo boost your engine by interrupting your negative thoughts with a new belief system, a new truth and then program you. I didn’t say anything about removing your negative thought from your head. I don’t know how to do that, that would be magical. I’m one of the most possibility-thinking people on the planet. I still have my negative thoughts. The difference between me and the average person is that when I have my negative thought, I bounce back sooner, quicker and faster because I created a safety tool for myself.

I can also see why it’s helpful to at least do it once a year or once every six months because it doesn’t matter where we are at. As we climb higher up the ladder, as we get more success, different lies show up, “I don’t want too many employees. This is it, I hit a glass ceiling. I don’t know if I can expand anymore.” All of these thoughts, all these lies would come up and it’s useful to use this tool.

What I love about this tool and this exercise is that it fits everyone, everywhere. I give the same exercise to senior vice president executives at Fortune 500 companies and they’re like, “I needed this twenty years ago.” I give the same exercise at my teen workshop and seventeen-year-olds are like, “I needed this last week after my math test.”

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I definitely want to get this question in because this is a personal question I would love to ask. What are your personal branding strategies? You’ve built such a successful company. It’s personal-branding-driven. What’s your take on it? What are some of the things that you recommend to do for any entrepreneurs?

This is the season where people are looking at building their brand. I get to share how I’ve done it. I’m going to give you seven things real fast. Number one is to define your USP. Define and be clear on your unique serving proposition, not selling proposition. What’s your fingerprint? What’s your DNA? What’s your characteristic? What’s the unique experience that you offer? It doesn’t mean you’re doing something different than everyone else. You’re speaking. You’re inspiring, but how? What’s different about the way you do it? My USP is that I get intimate. I’m edgy. That’s what people can expect from me. I’m going to give you a cyber hug all day long. I’m going to hug you. I’m going to hold you. I’m going to disrupt you, but that’s my USP. Everything I do goes through that brand filter.

I could see how this relates to you. I remember when I watched The Secret. All the teachers are good, but you have your own unique serving proposition that you’re so different from everybody else. It makes you memorable for sure.

Number two, don’t try to out-noise other people in your industry. I normally don’t answer questions with a negative to don’t do something, but there’s no other way to say it. We’re in a noisy market so don’t try to out-noise other people. Don’t try to out email them. Don’t try to out-video them. Don’t try to do that. Find the rhythm of the communication that feels good to the market you’re serving. What works for your market? Bigger than what works for you is what works for your market. Sometimes the frequency that my markets want to be touched does not work for me because I don’t want to touch that often. I’m more committed to what they need than to what I need and my commitment is to serve them.

DLS 12 | Abundance Now

Abundance Now: It’s in the darkness that your lies have a lot of power.


Number three is to understand the scale of impact. When you’re marketing or when you’re building your brand, there’s a scale of impact. Live has the highest impact. Video has the second level of impact. Pictures and content have the third level of impact and the fourth level of impact is just words. How that looks is can you do a live event or can you do Facebook Live or YouTube Live or Instagram Live. Second are videos, promoting videos. Third is pictures with your post. Fourth is just an email or a post. Understand the scale of impact and play inside those scales.

The fourth is to be interruptive. Be interruptive to your audience. Be interruptive whether it is funny, whether it is inspirational, profound. Giving them what I call carefrontation. The fourth is to be interruptive or funny or inspirational or profound. Don’t just give me information. Give it to me inside a context. Give me energy around it. Are you the guy who’s always going to be funny and give me content? Are you the guy that’s going to be interruptive? Are you the guy that’s going to be inspirational? Are you the woman who’s going to give me deep, rich, soulful, edgy, disruptive truth? The fifth point is always live inside the 80/20 rule. If you’re going to offer anything, if you’re going to sell anything, if you’re going to point us to anything, give me 80% content and value and only 20% offer, point and marketing. When we don’t feel good, when we feel icky, it’s because someone gave us 80/20. They gave us 80% marketing, bragging and pointing at themselves’ ego and 20% value.

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The truth is you give so much value they want to buy from you. They will be asking you, “Can I buy your offer? What training do you have coming up next?”

When you give great value, then all you do is get access. When you don’t give good value, you’ve got a sale. The sixth way is to lead with authenticity, transparency. Be willing to be vulnerable. If you’re totally comfortable with everything you say every time, you’re not playing big enough. You’re not risking enough. You’re not on the edge enough. You’re trying to stay safe. Be vulnerable, be transparent and be authentic. The seventh and final is before you open your mouth, whether you open your mouth in a book, open your mouth on stage, open your mouth on Facebook, open your mouth in any other social media, open your mouth at an event, open your mouth anywhere. Give people you. Do you want to answer the question, “What do I want them to feel when they finish hearing from me? How do I want them to feel? What do I want them to think?” If you answer that question before you do anything, then everything you do will lead to that experience and have more paths. These are the things that I did.

I was looking for one tip, but thank you so much. It’s like over-deliver and that’s also a part of you as a brand.

DLS 12 | Abundance Now

Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today

I did write the book, Abundance Now, so I’m always giving you more than you expected.

I’ve read all your books. I read them multiple times. I’ve bought multiple copies and gave them to my students, my mentees. People like us teachers, we read many people’s books but I always find your work has so much more depth. It’s like a nice bottle of wine. You can always go back and revisit and you’ll find something more. It’s not one of those books where you read it once and then you put it away. That’s part of why I’m a big fan of your work. I have such a respect for what you do.

I appreciate that. What you also feel when you pick it up is you feel my sisterhood with you. Not only I pray you’re getting content, but you also get community. You feel like reading together.

It’s very much like, “Yes, I’ve done that too. Yes, I feel that way too.” It’s like I’m nodding my head as I’m reading through the whole book.

You’re like, “We’re in the same tribe. We come from the same village.” The number one negative experience that people have is the experience of feeling lonely. There are people who are in relationships, in households, in marriages, in companies and they’re around people but they’re not with anyone. The greatest gift that you can give someone while you build your brand is the gift of connection. When you tell me you read my book and you’re nodding with me, it makes my heart leap because I wrote the book so that we can be connected. That you wouldn’t feel alone in that moment.

This goes so much deeper. It’s not just a book. It could be your article, it could be your podcast, it could be your video, it could be your live event.

To be clear and answer your question, “How do you build your brand?” It has to be in all those things. It can’t just live on one platform and not another. Treat your brand not like it’s a lane, but treat your brand like it’s a superhighway.

For our audience who wants to go a bit deeper besides your books, what programs would you recommend entrepreneurs that you offer and recommend them to look into?

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I have a program that I created that when I finished creating it, I laid in my bed and I cried. I cried tears of joy because I said, “If this program could represent my legacy, I’m okay.” I feel like I’ve been impregnated with this content for years but I didn’t know if I can pull off pulling it all together. It felt like it was this big massive ball of fire in my soul. I prayed one November. November’s always my prayer time that I do what I was supposed to do this year. What more can I do? Who else do I need to touch? In my prayer time, it was downloaded. It’s time for you to create this. People have been asking me for years, “Help me inspire people the way you do.” I don’t speak on stage. I’m not a stage speaker but I do want to inspire you with my meetings. I want to inspire people in my home, in my church. I had speakers coming to say, “Help me hone my message,” but the biggest thing that would rattle my core is when people would say, “Help me tell my story.”

For years, I didn’t have an answer for them and then they would follow it up with, “You tell such great stories and they’re masterful,” and here I was confronted with, “Lisa, I consider you to be the best at storytelling. Help me,” and my answer was always, “No,” and it wasn’t, “No, I don’t want to,” it was, “I don’t know how.” In my prayer time about a few years ago, I asked the same question I ask every year, “What should I be doing?” The universe, God, Divine, whatever you want to call it, downloaded to me and said, “Quit being lazy,” and I said, “Lazy? I’m on the road over 200 days out the year. What do you mean lazy?” In my stillness, because I got still for days, I kept going in, “What does that mean?” Then I heard, “Quit making excuses.” I’m like, “I don’t make excuses,” and then it got narrow saying, “You don’t know how to teach people how to speak as powerfully as you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to teach them.”

I was disrupted. I locked myself in my home office for a few days. I put Post-it notes all around the walls and I started writing what I did. I didn’t write what I said, but I’ll write what I did. I started writing things like a pregnant pause. Verbal highlight. I go up and I go down and I whisper even. I write something else. I go into the valley and I bring them back out. I wrote something else. I open the back door. I’m making all these little phrases that no one else would understand this phrase. I pick apart everything I did and then I started describing what that was. Let me describe what that is. I look up and I got probably about 26 of the wall Post-it notes. Each one is a different technique or something that I’m doing. I worked on this for months and months. I went and I videotaped them.

DLS 12 | Abundance Now

Abundance Now: When you give great value, you get access. When you don’t give good value, you’ve got to sell.


At the end of the whole process, we have a new program that has only been in this format that it’s currently in for less than a year. It’s called Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit. It’s powerful. I’m seeing people on the other side of it, having taken the course. It’s video, it downloads into your computer. You can repeat it as much as you want. I give you homework to do. When you do the homework, you’re writing your signature speech. I teach you how to offer with dignity and integrity from the stage. How to make a pitch? I was just doing it. Now I feel like, “I have a solution.” I have an answer when people say, “Can you teach me how to tell my story?” “Yes, I can. Get on our campus and pick up SUIP,” that’s our nickname for Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit. “My students said to invite people who are considering getting the program. It’s a home study course. Look at each video a minimum of twice, ideally three times. That’s what my students have said because I’m going into such detail level that it’s a repeat. You get it best when you repeat.

Out of all the guests that have been on the show, I could tell even what Lisa has shared with us. I can tell you if you’re a fan of my work. Right after this interview, Lisa, I’m going to your website and I’m investing in your program. You’ll see an email coming in the location, I’m placing an order.

I appreciate that. I’m excited about what you’re going to get, Dan. What I know about you, and I have done my research on you too, my friend, is that the world needs to hear more of you. The world needs to hear more from you. They need to hear from you because of what you have on the inside of you. They need to hear more from you because of who you are and how you will be a part of that whole healing modality, financial freedom, image freedom, all of that. If I can, which I hope and pray I can. If I can be a part of helping to take your message to the next level so every time you open your mouth. Whether you’re speaking one-on-one or one-to-many, you are able to have an impact. The exact impact that you wanted and the only time the impact isn’t what you thought it would be is because it’s exceeded your expectations. That would be my prayer for you.

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What I love about you getting the program is that one of the bonuses, I put a radical bonus in, was that you get a ticket to get to my special event. Every year it sells out. Every year we have standing-room only. Twice we’ve had the fire marshals call it on us because we were a fire hazard. We sell tickets. We fill up 75% of the room. Everyone waits for it every year. It’s called Speak and Write to Make Millions. When you get this program, I bonus you a three-day ticket to that program so I’d love to have you there. Once you get the program and you see the date for Speak and Write to Make Millions. If that weekend allows you to come, please come so that I can run you up on stage. Show the world to you so they can see us hold hands and help build your brand. Share this beautiful, probably slightly unique audience to you and you with them. I love that part because it gives us an excuse to get belly to belly, heart to heart, soul to soul and share a hug.

Thank you, I appreciate that. I want you to see that’s what makes something successful. Truly it’s being generous, collaboration, not competition. That’s how it is for successful people. We want to help each other. We want to support each other. Lisa doesn’t have to offer that to me but she’s nice enough, she’s generous enough. That’s how this works. I hope that you get something out of it. It’s not just buying a program. I invest in myself. It doesn’t matter. You learn from someone who’s a master at what they do. I want to make sure they get a domain name. If my audience wants to get this program, the best way for them to do that is to go to MotivatingTheMasses.com.

DLS 12 | Abundance Now

Abundance Now: When we’ve been blessed and have gotten gifts, all we do is turn around and, from our overflow, serve others.


If they go to that website, the program is Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit. They go to programs and they select Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit.

If you are getting the program, I’ll definitely be attending the main event and also hope to meet you in person. If you do see me in the audience, on the stage, make sure you grab me and shake my hand. Give me a hug. I would love to meet you in person as well.

I can go a step further than that. I’m going to have you stand up and then I’m going to have anyone who’s in your tribe stand up so that you can see them all and they can all see you. We can celebrate you and them. To your acknowledgment, thank you for acknowledging my intent to give and to pour into you but let me tell you why I chose to go that next step. You reached out to me as someone who’s chosen to learn from me. What I know is that my life has been transformed because of the generosity of others who I was reaching out to. When we’ve been blessed, when we’ve gotten gifts, all we do is turn around and from our overflow we serve others. I appreciate your acknowledgment. This is what I’m supposed to do. I say supposed not from a rule or regulation, but this is humanity. This is society. This is the village. This is a tribe. This is a community. You and I are in the same community. This is what I’m supposed to do. You’ve chosen me as a coach/big sister/soul sister and my job are to find every way possible to hug, wrap and help you feel safe while you take big leaps.

I appreciate that and I appreciate you, Lisa. Thank you so much for inspiring us with your story and the tool that you’ve given us and thoughts and ideas. I love you. My audience will definitely appreciate it.

I love you too. Let’s find excuses to play together and call it to work. Definitely, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I always say we try to find a way to say yes every single time. We don’t ask if, we ask how.

Thank you so much.

You’re welcome.


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DLS 12 | Abundance NowLisa Nichols is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people. From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences break through, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motivating the Masses, Inc. – one of the country’s only publicly traded personal and business development training companies – Lisa has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of men and women, and altered the trajectory of businesses throughout the country and across the world.

Lisa is also a best-selling author of six books, and her 7th book ABUNDANCE NOW, published by HarperCollins. In ABUNDANCE NOW, Lisa continues her journey with her fans, providing a clear and practical blueprint for personal success, drawn directly from the life experiences of its beloved author. ABUNDANCE NOW is the follow-up to Lisa’s New York Times bestseller, NO MATTER WHAT.